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Your New Member Seed Directory

Have you ever heard of Litchi Tomato, Wonderberry, or Ground Cherries (hint: they're species not varieties!)? Have you grown a purple potato or a Jerusalem artichoke?

This is the place to find the most interesting assortment of garden seeds:  Seeds of Diversity's Member Seed Directory, now available for 2015.

Every year our members save thousands of varieties of rare and unusual seeds, and offer them to other members, usually in exchange for stamps or Canadian Tire money. Fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, grains and even some trees and shrubs are listed.

Not just a seed catalogue, the directory is a preservation tool that encourages people to save more rare and regionally-adapted seeds every year. If you're a gardener, give seed saving a try. Request a variety, grow it out, save the seed, and offer it back to other members the following season. The directory is available both in book form and in an online database, but only members can list and request seeds.


Members Only

Not a member? Join now for only $25 a year, receive our 2015 Member Seed Directory and four issues of Seeds of Diversity magazine.

This year, the Directory lists 3059 varieties of seeds that our seed saver members have harvested from their own garden plants, and are now offering to all members.  That's 91 people offering 189 different plant species, including 534 varieties of beans, 216 peppers, 71 varieties of squash, and 2357 different kinds of tomatoes!

Nothing quite matches the wonder of seeing so many people sending in so many personal stories about growing their favourite heritage varieties. It's obvious that people grow and share their seeds out of love for their gardens and plants, and it's an honour to witness that affection turned into such a tremendous project.

To all our seed saver members, thank you. You're the reason that this organization exists. Keep up the great work!


Back to January 2015 Newsletter

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