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A flower is an educated weed.
- Luther Burbank
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Seeds of Diversity

is a Canadian volunteer organization that conserves the biodiversity and traditional knowledge of food crops and garden plants.

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Are you a gardener?    Save an endangered plant!

  • Learn to save seeds from the plants in your garden
  • Grow an endangered variety, and help us save it!
  • Multiply seeds for our national Seed Library
  • Discover the amazing diversity of Canada's traditional plants

Not a seed saver?    You can still get involved

Not a gardener?    Support our volunteers who protect your seed heritage

  • Anyone can join Seeds of Diversity, to provide a strong national voice for food biodiversity conservation and good seed policy
  • Your membership and donation support gardeners and farmers who are saving Canada's seeds

Seeds of Diversity is the source for information about heritage seeds, seed saving, plant diversity, garden history and your own garden heritage.

Join members, from coast to coast, who collect and share nearly 3500 varieties of heritage fruits and vegetables through our national Member Seed Exchange.

Discover the incredible diversity of heritage plants!

Subscribe to our magazine, Seeds of Diversity, and learn about Canadian gardeners who are making a difference, preserving food biodiversity, documenting Canada's horticultural heritage, and sharing the legacy of the "People's Seeds".

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Meet us at a
Seedy Event
near you!

May 1 - October 13
Seeds: Somebody Has to Save Them
Fort Langley, BC

Saturday October 18, 2014
Red Deer Seedy Saturday

Sunday October 26, 2014
Seeds of Diversity Gala Anniversary
Victoria, BC

November 7-9
ECOSGN "Seed Connections" Conference
Montreal, QC

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