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Historic Seed Catalogue

The Nebraska Seed Co. Annual Catalogue
Omaha, Neb.

(Unnamed)     (Pimpinella Anisum) Use for cordials, also for garnishing and seasoning. (0.05/pkt) (1 oz $0.10)

Large Green Globe     The largest and best. (0.05/pkt)

Columbian Mammoth White     Large, fine, stalks very light in colour, almost white in some specimens. (0.05/pkt)

Conover's Colossal     Large size. Productive. (0.05/pkt)

Palmetto     Uniformly of extra large size. Early. Not so many can be cut at one time. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Melissa Officinalis) For balm tea or wine for fevers. (0.05/pkt)

Sweet     (Ocymum Basilicum) For seasoning. (0.05/pkt)

Best of All     Dwarf bush or snap. Green pods are long and of a good size. Very fleshy, succulent, stringless and of a rich flavour. Large yielder, very early. Originated in Germany. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

Black Wax     Wax podded variety. Pods round and waxy yellow. Stringless, solid and tender. Early. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.25)

Black-Eyed Wax     Wax podded variety. White seed with black markings around the eye. The pods are longer than the Golden Wax. Very productive, a robust grower. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.25)

Burpee's Bush Lima     Bush lima bean. Grows 18-20" high, of sturdy habit, erect and branching, forming a bush sometimes 2' in diameter. Beans are very large, being equal in size to any of the Pole Limas, also in quality. Bushiness makes it very productive. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $6)

Davis Kidney Wax     Wax podded variety. Dry bean is large, kidney shaped and white in colour. The pods are long and of a beautiful yellow colour. Mealy and stringless pods. A new variety. Adapted alike for the canner, market gardener, shipper or amateur. It stands shipping better than any other. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $5.5)

Dreer's Bush Lima     Bush lima bean. The bush form of Dreer's Pole Lima. The beans are not quite as large as the Large Pole Lima, but grow closer in the pod and more of them. Very early maturing and productive. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $6)

Dreer's Improved Lima     Pole or running bean. Smaller seeds than the Large White Lima. More hardy and productive than the Large White Lima. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $6.50)

Early Dutch Case Knife     Pole or running bean. Good green or dry. One of the earliest and very productive. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $5.5)

Early Golden Cluster Wax Pole     Pole or running bean. Crisp and tender. One week or ten days later than the Dwarf Golden Wax. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $6.50)

Extra Early Jersey Lima     Pole or running bean. For general planting. Vigorous and very productive. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $6.50)

German Black Wax Pole     Pole or running bean. One of the best varieties either for snapped or shelled in the green state. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $6.50)

Golden Wax     Wax podded snap bean. Unsurpassed in tenderness and richness of flavour. Stands high in favour as a shell bean for winter use. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.25)

Henderson's Bush Lima     Bush lima bean. Grows in compact bush form, 18" high. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $5)

Horticultural or Speckled Cranberry     Pole or running bean. Tender for snap beans and excellent for shelling. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $5.5)

Improved Navy     Standard variety for field culture. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.50)

Kentucky Wonder     Pole or running bean. Bears its pods in large clusters. Green pods, very long, often reaching 9-10". Vigorous vines, climbing very well. Productive. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $6)

Large White Lima     Pole or running bean. Pods broad and rough. Seeds large, broad and white. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $6.50)

Mohawk     Green. Dwarf bush or snap. One of the earliest and very productive. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

New Prolific German Wax     Wax podded variety. Easily harvested. Free from rust. An improved strain of Black Wax, being more prolific. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.25)

New Stringless Green Pod     Dwarf bush or snap. Stringless, scirsp, of tender flavour. Prolific. Pods are ready for market a week earlier than the Valentine, which is known to be valuable for its earliness. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $5)

Prolific Tree     Height about 20", branching in all directions. For field culture. Branching helps it to not be so liable to rust. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.50)

Red Giant Wax     Pole or running bean. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $8)

Red Speckled Cut-Short     Pole or running bean. Vines medium, pods short, round. Tender pods. On old variety. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $5.5)

Refugee     Round pods. Fine flavour, used extensively for canning. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

Round Pod Valentine Improved, Red     Dwarf bush or snap. Round pods. Remains longer in the green state than many other varieties. Matures in about 60 days. Nearly the whole crop can be taken in one picking. Highly esteemed. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

Rust Proof Golden Wax     Wax podded variety. Crisp and tender, not stringy, and of a most delicious flavour. Rust proof. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Scarlet Runner     Pole or running bean. An ornamental sort used the same as morning glories. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $6)

Six Weeks Long Yellow     Similar to Mohawk except in colour of seed, which is yellowish drab. Tender pods. One of the earliest. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

Wardwell's Dwarf Kidney Wax     Wax podded variety. Vines of medium size, erect. Pods long, broad, flat, and of a delicate waxy yellow. Brittle and entirely stringless. Hardy and productive. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.25)

White Marrow     Exclusively grown for winter use. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $3.75)

White Wax     Wax podded variety. Except in the colour of its seed, this variety bears a strong resemblance to the black wax. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Bastians     Light colour. Extra early. Much esteemed by market men. (0.05/pkt)

Blood Turnip, Dewing's Early     Keeps well. Good for a main crop. (0.05/pkt)

Columbia     Of finest quality and great uniformity, both in roots and meat. Handsome foliage, being of turnip shape, with smooth, clear skin and deep, blood red flesh. (0.05/pkt)

Crosby's Egyptian     Round beets. As early as the originall Egyptian and of better quality when old. New. (0.05/pkt)

Early Blood Red Turnip     The old stand-by. (0.05/pkt)

Early Egyptian     Extra dark, flat shape, excellent quality. Early. Well known. (0.05/pkt)

Early Flat Bassano     Chiefly valuable for its earliness. (0.05/pkt)

Edmand's Early Blood Turnip     One of the finest, exceedingly dark, globular in shape, having only one tap root. The best sort for general crop. (0.05/pkt)

Extra Early Eclipse     Larger and of a finer quality than the Egyptian. About as early as the Egyptian. (0.05/pkt)

Long Smooth Blood     Standard late sort. (0.05/pkt)

Market Gardener's     Symmetrical, with small tap root and but a few fibrous roots. Deep blood red on outside, alternating blood red and light red on inside layers. (0.05/pkt)

Mitchell's Perfection     Rich dark blood red colour, small top, very smooth. One of the earliest sorts known. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Borago Officinalis) For flavoring, Excellent for bee pasture. (0.05/pkt)

Early Purple Cape      (0.05/pkt)

Early White Cape      (0.05/pkt)

Brussels Sprouts
Improved Dwarf     A standard variety. (0.05/pkt)

All Seasons     Forms solid head of fine quality. One of best for year round. (0.05/pkt)

Allhead, Burpee's     "At least one third larger than Early Summer. Earliest of all large cabbages, often coming in before Early Summer... Seed of the Allhead sown in July and plants set out about the middle of August will bring heads large and solid, which are sure to stand the winter well." -quote from originator. (0.05/pkt)

American L't Drumhead Savoy     Head large, round, compact. Excellent for winter use. (0.05/pkt)

Blood, Early     Heads round and solid, fine colour and excellent quality. Early. (0.05/pkt)

Danish Ball Head     The heads are not as large as Late Flat Dutch, but harder and more solid. Fine grained and a good keeper. One of the best varieties for general crop. Has been selected for more than fifty years by the Danish Gardeners, who grow it almost exclusively for winter cabbage and annually export large quantities. (0.05/pkt)

Dwarf Flat Dutch, Early      (0.05/pkt)

Early Jersey Wakefield     Pointed heads, solid, the best of all early sorts. Early for market gardeners and general use. (0.05/pkt)

Early Winningstadt      (0.05/pkt)

Early York Dwarf     Heads small. Very tender. Early spring and summer variety. (0.05/pkt)

Early York Large     Two weeks later than the early Dwarf York but larger. Stands the heat well. (0.05/pkt)

Excelsior Flat Dutch     A low growing variety. Heads large bluish green, round, solid, broad and flat on the top, and often tinted with red and brown. (0.05/pkt)

Filderkraut     Heads are pointed, large, and of fine quality. Used almost exclusively in the making of kraut. A german variety. (0.05/pkt)

Fottler's Improved Brunswick     Heads low in the stump. Ready for market soon after early sorts. (0.05/pkt)

Henderson's Autumn King     Enormous and solid heads with only a few outer leaves. Late. Will produce a greater weight of crop from the same space of ground than any other late cabbage. (0.05/pkt)

Henderson's Succession     Double in size than the Early Summer. Fit for exhibition. About one week later than the Early Summer. (0.05/pkt)

Hendersons Early Summer     Forms a large solid, round compact head of excellent quality. Deservedly popular with market gardeners. (0.05/pkt)

Mammoth Rock Red     Large for a red cabbage. Round, very solid, and deep red colour. Sure heading for a red cabbage. (0.05/pkt)

Marblehead Mammoth     The largest cabbage grown. Late. (0.05/pkt)

Netted Savoy     The finest of the Savoy class. Heads large, very solid and compact, of a yellowish green colour. A general favourite. (0.05/pkt)

New Express     Produces fair sized heads in 80-85 days from sowing seed. (0.05/pkt)

Red Dutch     Medium size, very hard oblong heads. Good for pickling. (0.05/pkt)

Stone Mason Drumhead     Characterized by its sweetness and delicacy of flavour. Reliable in forming a head. (0.05/pkt)

Surehead     Large, round, flattened heads of the Flat Dutch type. A good keeper. Very reliable. Good shipper. Has become very popular. (0.05/pkt)

The Charleston Wakefield     Will average about 50% larger than the old type of Wakefield. Only 2-3 days later than old type of Wakefield. A selection of the best and largest heads of the Early Jersey Wakefield. (0.05/pkt)

The Luption     Heads are very large, solid, fine grained, and are not likely to crack open. The stalk is rather short and of a dark green colour. A very good keeper. Earlier than Flat Dutch and Drumhead, and makes it therefore suitable for main crop. New, originating from Mr. J. M. Lupton, one of the best seed growers on Long Island. The result of an effort to combine in one variety the best qualities of second, early and late sorts. (0.05/pkt)

The N.S. Co.'s Sel. Prem. Late Drumhead     In good, rich soil, and with a favorable season, the heads will grow to an enormous size. Very compact and solid. Of excellent flavour. Recommended for market gardeners and growers for shipping purposes. (0.05/pkt)

The N.S. Co.'s Sel. Prem. Late Flat Dutch     Posesses all the good qualities of the Late Flat Dutch. A sure header. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Carum Carvi) Used in pastry, confectionery. (0.05/pkt)

Chantenay     One of the most perfect and uniform in shape, smooth. Fine in texture, the solid flesh is of a beautiful deep orange. Tender and of excellent flavour. One of the best for table use. Heavy yielder. Easily dug. (0.05/pkt)

Danvers     There is no variety grown which will produce so much to the acre, with a minimum length of root, as this one. Under proper conditions of soil and cultivation, it may reasonably be expected to produce, which it has done, 25 to 30 tons per acre. It is of medium length and heavy at the neck, but pointed and quite smooth, color a rich orange. (0.05/pkt)

Early Scarlet Horn, Stumprooted     Fine variety of medium size. Deep scarlet colour. Fine flavour. (0.05/pkt)

Guerande     A variety with short, thick roots, the diameter often exceeding the length. Color, bright orange,. sweet and fine grained, good for table or stock. (0.05/pkt)

Half Long Scarlet Carentan     Deep orange, almost without core. Good early variety. Suitable for forcing. (0.05/pkt)

Half-Long Scarlet Stump-Rooted, Early     Scarlet colour. Good for shallow soil. Recommended for market gardeners. (0.05/pkt)

Improved Long Orange     Roots long, thickest near the crown, tapering regularly to a point. Colour a deep orange. Suitable for the table. Suitable for main field crop. A well known standard sort. (0.05/pkt)

Large White Belgian     This variety is almost exclusively and very extensively grown for feeding stock; is the best of the whites. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Nepeta Cataria) (0.05/pkt)

Burpee's Best Early     This grand variety has proved to be the very best early Cauliflower in cultivation. It has attained its present perfection after sixteen years selection by one grower, and is remarkable both for its extra earliness and certainty to head. (0.35/pkt) (1/4 oz $1; 1 oz $3; 1/4 lb $10)

Early Dwarf Erfurt     Very good, and a fine strain. Not so early as the Selected Erfurt. (0.25/pkt) (1/4 oz $0.65; 1 oz $2.25; 1/4 lb $8)

Extra Early Paris     Head rather large. (0.05/pkt) (1/4 oz $0.30; 1 oz $1; 1/4 lb $2.50)

Extra Early Selected Dwarf Erfurt     This is the finest variety grown, very large and early. Nothing better. (0.3/pkt) (1/4 oz $0.75; 1 oz $2.50; 1/4 lb $9)

Extra Early Snowball     Fine heading variety, "true" heads pure white, and sure headers. (0.3/pkt) (1/4 oz $0.75; 1 oz $2.50; 1/4 lb $9)

Large Algiers      (0.05/pkt) (1/4 oz $0.25; 1 oz $0.90; 1/4 lb $2.25)

Lenormand's Short Stemmed     A French variety (0.05/pkt) (1/4 oz $0.30; 1 oz $1; 1/4 lb $2.50)

Veitch's Autumn Giant     A distinct and valuable late variety. (0.05/pkt) (1/4 oz $0.20; 1 oz $0.60; 1/4 lb $1.75)

Giant Erfurt Turnip Rooted     A good variety for salad, soups, etc. (0.05/pkt)

Large Smooth Prague     This is the largest and best variety grown, and grows to a large size. (0.05/pkt)

Boston Market     Dwarf in habit, white-stemmed. (0.05/pkt)

Celery for Flavouring     

Crawford's Half Dwarf     It stands very high among the market gardeners; it is seldom hollow. (0.05/pkt)

Giant Pascal     Grows about two feet high; the stalks are very broad, thick and crisp, and entirely stringless; the width and thickness of the stalks are distinctive features of this variety. It bleaches with but slight "earthing up" and very quickly, usually in five or six days. (0.05/pkt)

Golden Dwarf     The heart is very large, the stem waxy golden yellow, when fully blanched. These are also crisp and quite solid and of excellent flavour. (0.05/pkt)

Golden Self-Blanching Celery     Like the White Plume this celery requires very little earthing up, and in many other respects it is similar to that favorite sort, differing, however, in color, which is yellowish, the heart being large and solid and of a beautiful golden hue. (0.05/pkt)

Henderson's Half Dwarf     The leading market variety. (0.05/pkt)

Kalamazoo     This variety is perfectly distinct and is of a beautiful cream throughout, attains a very large size, is of quick growth, stiff, close habits, is remarkably solid, thick and closely set, and is specially valuable variety for the market. (0.05/pkt)

Red Solid Celery     This is a large, quick-growing variety, solid, crisp, and possessing a marked nutty flavour (0.05/pkt)

White Plume     Unlike all other varieties, this one does not require to be earthed up, but if only loosely tied, or a few handsful of earth brought close around the base of the leaves to keep them close together, all the inner leaves or thin stalks will turn white and crisp (0.05/pkt)

Curled      (0.05/pkt)

Large Rooted     Sow in drills, the roots become well developed. When they are dried, roasted or ground, they become the Chicory of commerce, and are used in adulterating coffee. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)      (0.05/pkt) (1 bunch of roots, $0.15, 2 for $0.25)

Black Mexican     Although the ripe grain is black, or bluish black, the corn, when in condition for the table, cooks remarkably white. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.50)

Brazilian Flour Corn     A grand stooling sort. Each kernel produces several stalks, each stalk bears 2 to 3 beautiful white ears which make a flour equal to wheat. (bushel $1.75)

Country Gentleman     This is the variety par-excellence for quality. It is medium early, rows zig-zag, grains long, flavor beyond description. Excellent for canning. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.75)

Crosby's Early     Early, and a great favorite in the market. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.25)

Early California     (Dent) The grand sweepstakes Yellow Dent Corn. This corn won the grand sweepstakes at the Prarie-Farmer Corn Show for the best Yellow Dent Corn in the United States. The ears are ten to twelve inches long, of uniform size from butt to tip, orange color deep grains on a small, straight, red cob, averaging from eighteen to thirty rows on the ear. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

Early Cory     A variety resembling the Marblehead in appearance, but larger and a few days earlier. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.50)

Early Mastodon Corn     Ear large, grain deep, very early and productive. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

Early Minnesota     An extra early variety. Very productive and of excellent quality. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.25)

Early White Cory     A selection of the Cory, of the same character in all respects, except that it has a white cob and kernels. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.75)

Extra Early Adams     The hardiest and earliest variety for table use, but not a sweet corn. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.50)

Extra Early Dakota Dent     Dakota Dent Corn is the result of a careful selection of the Pride of the North. It can be planted up to the middle of June, and still make ripe corn by the middle of September. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

First of All     This new Sweet Corn is the earliest of all. It is a week earlier than the Cory and of superior quality. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.75)

Goddards King of the Earliest     The great hog and cattle feeding corn. This is the earliest yellow dent corn in cultivation. Stocks grow six to seven feet high, ears seven to nine inches long, very deep, soft grain, small red cob. It ripens in eighty days from planting, being a week and ten days earlier than the "Pride of the North," and "Yellow Canada Flint." This corn will mature in any part of the country where it is possible to grow flint varieties, and is a valuable variety for the extreme north and for feeding purposes. For Nebraska and Kansas it is especially desirable, as it reaches maturity before the hot, blighting winds set in. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

Golden Beauty Corn     A large and broad-grained yellow corn, maturing in one hundred and ten days after planting. Our strain has been perfected and is fully equal to any offered. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

Golden Row     A very large, moderately late variety of pure, yellow Dent Corn. This has a proven record of 109 bushels and 37 pounds upon one measured acre under ordinary field culture. May be described as follows: Ear very large, from 10 to 16 inches in length, having from 14 to 28 rows, color golden yellow, grain broad, long and deeply dented, of very best quality, stout stalk and vigorous, very leafy. (bushel $1.10; 5 bushels $5)

Hickox Improved Sweet     Of medium earliness, and is valuable alike for the market, family garden, or for canning. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.25)

Improved Pride of the North     (Dent) This is a larger ear and deeper grain than the Pride of the North, and for a Northern climate is just what is wanted by every farmer. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

Large White Flint     Best for hominy. (bushel $1.10; 5 bushels $5)

Mammoth Cuban     (Dent) It is a wonderful cropper, as many as five ears having been produced on a stalk. Very early and a remarkably quick grower, it matures in eighty-five days here in Nebraska. Ears average eight inches long and husk very easily. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

Mammoth Late     This produces the largest ears of any Sweet Corn, a single ear sometimes weighing as much as two or three pounds. It ripens a little later than the Evergreen. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.25)

Mammoth White Cory     An improvement on the White Cory. The ears are twelve rowed and very near twice as large as the White Cory and covered with very large white grains of good quality. It is extra early. No market gardener should be without it. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Moore's Concord     A good second early variety, excellent for market or family use, ears large. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.25)

Nebraska Gold Mine     Is very early, ripening only a few days later than Pride of the North. Ears are of good size and symmetrical. Color a bright golden yellow, grain very deep, cob small. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

Nebraska Silver Mine     The stalks grow to a height of seven or eight feet and set the ears about 3 1/2 to 4 feet from the ground. The ears measure from 10 to 12 inches in length, and often weigh 1 1/2 pounds. They are very uniform in size and shape, with 16 to 20 grains. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

Nebraska White Prize     Has been awarded the first premium at the Nebraska State Fair for the past twelve years. It is an extra early, pure white variety of the Dent family, very productive and exceedingly heavy, maturing in eighty-five to ninety days from the time of planting. It is very even in hybridization and maturity, giving a good grade of corn and the highest priced to be realized for it. Very prolific, and has yielded 13 1/2 bushels of shelled corn per acre. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

Old Colony     A very old sort, which has been revived and sold under the name of Landreth's Sugar and other names. Ears large, oval, with sixteen to twenty rows. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.25)

Pee and Kay     Stalks of medium height, bearing two straight, handsome, ten or twelve-rowed ears, which are very large for so early a variety. They mature about the same time as Early Minnesota. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.75)

Perry's Hybrid     A very fine early variety, as early as the foregoing (Shaker's Early). (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.25)

Potter's Excelsior or Squantum     An excellent variety, with fine large ears and deep grain, early. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.25)

Red Cob Ensilage Corn     This variety was grown in the large dairy regions of Nebraska the last four years, so immensely as to almost exclude all other Ensilage Corns. (bushel $0.90; 5 bushels $4)

Riley's Favorite     We obtained our seed of this early and prolific corn from the originator. It weights sixty pounds per level bushel. Grains are large, deep and soft, with eighteen to twenty-eight rows on a very small cob. Stalks eight to ten feet high. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4.50)

Shaker's Early     The kernels are large, of pearly whiteness and delicious flavor. It is quite as early as the Minnesota and the ears are much larger. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.25)

Stowell's Evergreen     This variety is more largely planted than any other, being the general favourite with canners and market gardeners for late use. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.25)

Sweet Fodder      (0.05/pkt) (bushel $1.50)

The Improved Ninetey Days Leaming     A Yellow Dent variety, very small, red cob, with a deep, long grain of a rich golden color, matures a crop in ninety days, and will, if planted by the first of June, under ordinary culture, grow, ripen, and be fit to husk and crib by September 1. (bushel $1; 5 bushels $4)

White Giant Mortgage Lifter     In this new variety we have a very valuable and long-sought for variety, viz: A very large ear and grain, yet a very early White Dent Corn. It is the largest grained of all White Dent Corn. Its fine quality of grain makes it very superior for grinding into meal, and indicates its strong nutritive qualities. It is a very vigorous grower, taking strong hold in the ground and averaging eight feet in height. The ears are large and handsome, dep large grain of white color. Stalks of medium size with few suckers, tapering gradually from root to top. One hundred and thirty-six bushels shelled corn was grown to the acre of this variety last season. (bushel $1.10; 5 bushels $5)

Zig-Zag Evergreen     A late variety. It is by all odds the best variety for private use, market gardeners and canners. It is the sweetest of all Sweet Corn. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $3)

Corn Salad
Large Leaved     The best variety cultivated (0.05/pkt)

Curled or Pepper Grass     Common and well known. (0.05/pkt)

True Water Cress     Leaves tender and highly flavoured. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     Large varieties, mixed. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Anethum Graveolens) Used in making pickles. (0.05/pkt)

Sweet     (Anethum Foeniculum) Ornamental leaves. (0.05/pkt)

Garlic     Plant in April or May, one inch deep, in drills 14 inches apart, and from 5 to 6 inches apart in the rows.

(Unnamed)     Large, English, mixed. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Marribium Vulgare) For making cough remedies. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Hyssopus Officinalis). (0.05/pkt)

Jerusalem Artichoke
(Unnamed)      (0.4/pkt) (bushel $1.25)

(Unnamed)     (Lavandula Vera) Aromatic medicinal herb. (0.05/pkt)

All the Year Round     A hardy, compact growing variety, with small, close heads of a dark green color. (0.05/pkt)

Big Boston     This variety reseembles the well-known Boston Market, but produces heads about double the size and matures a week later. A valuable sort for open ground or forcing. (0.05/pkt)

Black-Seeded Simpson     The standard sort for early spring planting, and for growing under glass. (0.05/pkt)

Blond Blockhead     A very handsome lettuce, forming large, solid heads of rich, golden yellow, of splendid quality and an excellent keeper. (0.05/pkt)

Boston Curled     A handsome variety, much used for garnishing. Early and of good quality. (0.05/pkt)

Brown Dutch     A very desirable variety. It forms a large, solid head. (0.05/pkt)

Denver Market     (Seed White) -- A variety of the same general character of growth as the foregoing (Tilton's White Star), this being noticeable for its savoyed and crimped leaf. (0.05/pkt)

Early Curled Simpson     This variety does not head, but forms a compact, close mass of leaves. (0.05/pkt)

Early Tennis Ball     A superb variety. Grows very compact, and is beautifully white and crisp. (0.05/pkt)

Golden Ball     A fine variety with very solid heads, of superb quality and great beauty. It is quite as early as the White Tennis Ball, has larger heads and is unsurpassed for table use. (0.05/pkt)

Grand Rapids Forcing     In the vicinity of Grand Rapids, Mich., this is the only variety they plant for forcing. It is an excellent sort. (0.05/pkt)

Green Fringed     This variety is beautifully cut and fringed and furnishes an abundance of tender leaves. (0.05/pkt)

Hanson     A very fine heading variety of large size. (0.05/pkt)

Henderson's New York     It forms solid heads, sometimes measuring eighteen inches in diameter. (0.05/pkt)

Large White Summer Cabbage     A good summer variety. heads of good size, close and well formed. (0.05/pkt)

Prize Head     It forms a large close head, very crisp, tender, and of excellent flavour. (0.05/pkt)

Salamander     A very fine summer variety, forming fair-sized, compact heads. Color light green. (0.05/pkt)

Silver Ball     Produces a beautiful head, firm, solid and compact, with handsomely curled leaves. It is of attractive silvery-white color, very rich, buttery, and of most delicious flavour. (0.05/pkt)

St. Louis Market     This is one of the very best market sorts. Medium size, light green color. Very slow to run to seed; solid heading sort. (0.05/pkt)

The Trianon Cos     This new variety from France is by far the best Cos Lettuce we have ever grown, and we can recommend it as the very finest of its class. The leaves when bleached are stiff like celery stocks and can be eaten in the same manner. In many countries of Europe where known, this lettuce is preferred to celery. You will be amply repaid by giving this new sort a trial. (0.05/pkt)

Tilton's White Star     Of the Black Seeded Simpson type, but grows larger and more rapidly, has a broader, thicker, darker, colored leaf, less frilled at the edge, forms a larger, more distinct and solid central cluster of leaves. Blanches perfectly and is of excellent quality (0.05/pkt)

Mangel Wurtzel
Golden Tankard     Of fine form and bright yellow in colour.

Kinver Yellow Globe Mangel     An enormous quality.

Mammoth Long Red     Roots large. More generally grown than any other sort.

Mammoth Long Yellow     Similar to Long Red, except colour.

Norbition Red Giant     Grows to an enormous size.

Red Globe     The root is of large size and globular form. Very productive.

Sweet     (Origanum Majorana) Desirable for seasoning. (0.05/pkt)

English     This bariety comes in bricks or loose.

French     This variety is put up in two-pound boxes, and produces a smaller mushroom than the English.

Acme     Oblong, pointed, light-green flesh. (0.05/pkt)

Banana     Grows to eighteen to twenty-four inches long; a curiosity. (0.05/pkt)

Bay View     A very prolific and fine flavored green-fleshed melon. (0.05/pkt)

Casaba     A large variety of fine flavor, glesh very thick & green. (0.05/pkt)

Champion Market     These melons are almost a perfect globe in shape and densely netted. The flesh is thick, light-green in color, and of rich, sweet flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Chicago Market     A standard green-fleshed nutmeg melon. The favorite on the Chicago market. (0.05/pkt)

Early Jenny Lind     Small, early, fine, light green flesh. (0.05/pkt)

Emerald Gem     A choice melon for home use. Size medium, of fine appearance. Flesh juicy, delicious an rich salmon. (0.05/pkt)

Extra Early Citron     This excellent sort of melon does not differ from the Hackensack except that it is a little smaller. While small it is very deep fleshed. Dark green color. (0.05/pkt)

Extra Early Grand Rapids     A new, extra early, yellow-fleshed sort of handsome shape. Profitable to the gardener on account of its size, attractive appearance and extreme earliness. (0.05/pkt)

Extra Early Hackensack     Ten days earlier than the foregoing (Large Hackensack). (0.05/pkt)

Green-Fleshed Osage     Pea green flesh, of delicious flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Jersey Belle     Extra early. Beautiful deep green flesh. (0.05/pkt)

Large Hackensack     Large, round, flattened, green flesh. (0.05/pkt)

Long Island Beauty     A splendid new variety of the Hackensack type, of superior quality, with green flesh and densely netted. In shape resembling Hackensack, slightly more ribbed and a decidedly more attractive melon. It is claimed to be the earliest in cultivation. (0.05/pkt)

Long Yellow Cantaloupe     A very large variety, ribbed and netted, salmon fleshed. (0.05/pkt)

Melon Peach      (0.05/pkt)

Melrose     This new melon is very hardy, strong and vigorous. The vines remain green longer than any other sort. It is very early in season and of extra choice quality. (0.05/pkt)

Miller's Cream     Flesh of rick salmon, thick and sweet. (0.05/pkt)

Montreal Market     One of the largest melons we know of. Flesh green, thick and of very fine flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Netted Beauty     The melons are completely covered with a dense netting, and entirely free from any tendency to rib like other sorts. It is very productive. The flesh is pale green, very thick, sweet and hightly flavored. (0.05/pkt)

Netted Gem     A very early variety of small size. It is globe-shaped, green-fleshed and of delicious flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Osage     This is one of the finest all-around melons in existence. Skin dark green, almost black. Very slightly netted. Flesh rich salmon. (0.05/pkt)

Perfected Delmonico     Oval shape, very uniform, heavily netted, orange-pink flesh. (0.05/pkt)

Prolific Nutmeg     Round, heavily netted, thick green flesh. (0.05/pkt)

Shumway's Giant     This is the largest variety of Muskmelon in the world, absolutely pure. Flesh very thick, fine-grained and salmon tinted. (0.05/pkt)

The Banquet     Densely netted, globular, dark, rich salmon flesh. (0.05/pkt)

The Columbus     A remarkable melon. It grows to a large size, has a very handsome and striking appearance, is very distinct. On the markets where known it sells on sight. Flesh light green, very delicious. (0.05/pkt)

The Newport     This new melon does not differ from the Hackensack except that it is a little smaller. While small it is very deep-fleshed and of a dark green color. (0.05/pkt)

Tip Top     A new yellow fleshed melon of very distinct appearance. Unequaled for uniform good quality. Every fruit produced, whether large or small, is a good one. It will please all who use it. (0.05/pkt)

Brown     More pungent than the white. (0.05/pkt)

Chinese Curled     Leaves twice the size of the white. (0.05/pkt)

Golden     A new very superior sort. (0.05/pkt)

Yellow     Best for salad. (0.05/pkt)

Tall Yellow      (0.05/pkt)

Improved Dwarf Green     Early and very productive. (0.05/pkt)

Long Green     Long ribbed pods. (0.05/pkt)

Danvers Yellow     This fine variety is a thick, flat, heavy, straw-colored Onion, mild flavored and yields abundantly, ripens early, and keeps equal to the best. (0.05/pkt)

Danvers Yellow Globe     Distinct in form, being nearly globular, of a beautiful silver-yellow. Mild flavor and good keeper. (0.05/pkt)

Early Red Globe     A new variety, maturing as early as the Extra Early Red, but of a beautiful globe shape. Skin deep red. Flesh mild and tender, an excellent keeper and very desirable for market use. (0.05/pkt)

Evergreen Top     They are planted in September, and are used for early spring Onions, for eating green. Ready for shipment in September. (Prices upon application.)

Extra Early Barletta     Both for table use and for pickling it is most valuable, while its extreme rapidity of growth will astonish every one who raises it the first time. (0.05/pkt)

Extra Early Flat Red     A medium sized flat vareity, producing abundantly and coming into use about two weeks earlier than Red Wethersfield. (0.05/pkt)

Extra Early White Pearl     Originally this was an early Italian variety (Silver White Etna), but it may now be classed under the head of "American Onions." Of early, quick growth, it is fine for market in summer and autumn. The bulbs are round, flattened, with a delicate, pure white skin. Flesh very mild and pleasant in flavour. (0.05/pkt)

Giant White Tripoli     Grows to an enormous size, especially in the south. White skin, flat and of mild flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Large Red Wethersfield     This is the standard variety, and the favorite Onion in the West, where immense crops are grown for shipment. Large sized, skin deep purplish red, form round, somewhat flattened. Flesh purplish white, moderately fine grained and stronger flavored than any of the other kinds. Very productive, the best keeper, and one of the most popular for general cultivation. It is more inclined to form large necks if planted on suitable soil than the Danvers, but it is the best variety of any on poor or dry soils. (0.05/pkt)

Mammoth Silver Skin     The largest onion in cultivation. Has been grown extensively the past few years in all sections of the country, especially in the west, and has given universal satisfaction. (0.05/pkt)

Paris White Pickling     For pickling. This is of small size, silvery white and used almost entirely for pickling on account of its small size. Imported variety. (0.05/pkt)

Philadelphia Silverskin     This is practically the same variety as the White Portugal, but having been grown for many years in the vicinity of Philadelphia, especially for the White Sets, is now particularly desirable for that purpose. (0.05/pkt)

Potato Onions     Should be planted in March or April. (bushel $2.50)

Prize Taker     It is one of the best of the huge foreign varieties. When started early under glass, and transplanted into open ground, they bottom fairly well, are nearly free from stiff necks, and when offered for sale always attract marked attention. The variety is without doubt the largest onion grown, samples under special culture sometimes weighing five pounds. We offer this season American grown seed. (0.05/pkt)

Red Bermuda     This is the well known large Onion of commerce. Imported variety. (0.05/pkt)

Red Bottom Sets      (bushel $2.50)

Red Giant Rocco     A splendid large Onion, of globular shape, light brown skin, and of delicate flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Red Top Sets      (bushel $3)

Southport Large Red Globe     This variety is very similar to the Southport Yellow Globe in shape and size, but ripens somewhat later, maturing a few days later than the Red Wethersfield. (0.05/pkt)

Southport Large White Globe     True globe-shaped, enormous yielder. Grows to a large size, of mild flavor and a good keeper. (0.05/pkt)

Southport Yellow Globe     A very handsome onion, oblong shape. (0.05/pkt)

The N.S. Co.'s Pickling     For early bunching, pickling or sets, the finest strain offered. This may seem a broad statement, but for these purposes we have never sold or seen its equal. (0.05/pkt)

White Bottom Sets      (bushel $3)

White Globe     A large, firm, globe-shaped variety, with white skin, fine flesh, handsome in shape and a good keeper. (0.05/pkt)

White Multiplier     The New White Multiplier Onion is enormously productive, and its handsome appearance will make it one of the most salable and profitable varieties that can be grown. (bushel $3)

White Portugal     A mild, pleasant onion, which grows to a fair size and handsome shape. Good for summer use, also excellent for pickling. (0.05/pkt)

White Queen     A very early variety, white, small and fine flavour. (0.05/pkt)

Yellow Bottom Sets      (bushel $2.50)

Yellow Dutch     Flat shape, excellent flavor. The best variety for yellow sets. (0.05/pkt)

Opium Poppy
(Unnamed)     (Papaver Somniferum) (0.05/pkt)

Champion Moss Curled     A compact growing, finely curled variety, of a bright, slightly yellowish-green color. (0.05/pkt)

Double Curled     A dwarf, beautifully curled sort. (0.05/pkt)

Hamburg     Fleshy-rooted. The roots are used for flavoring soups. (0.05/pkt)

Plain     This is the hardiest variety. (0.05/pkt)

Guernsey     As name indicates, not as long as the Hollow Crown. Quality very sweet and delicate. (0.05/pkt)

Hollow Crown     The largest variety in cultivation. Roots long, white, smooth, tender, sugary and excellent flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Alaska     Extra early tall variety. This Pea has become a standard variety. The vines are very dwarf. peas green and smooth. height 2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

American Wonder     Second early variety. Of fine quality and flavor , and wonderfully productive. Its great distinctive feature, however, is its compact and dwarf growth. height 3/4ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Bliss' Abundance     Second early variety. Remarkably productive and of excellent quality. Height 2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

Bliss' Everbearing     Second early variety. The vines are very prolific. As many as one hundred pods have been counted on a single vine. The Peas are of superior flavor and very tender. Height 2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

Carter's Premium Gem     A valuable extra early dwarf, wrinkled pea, robust in growth, with long pods. Height 1 foot. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

Champion of England     Late or main crop variety. Universally admitted one of the best peas grown. Height 4 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.30)

Dandy     Tall variety. The finest early, the greatest yielder, the most delightfully flavored Pea on earth. This grand variety is without doubt the earliest (ready to use 42 days after planting), and most productive variety in existence, entirely free from runners. They ripen up so uniformly as not to require over two pickings to clean up the entire crop. We highly recommend this new Pea to market gardeners, truckers and private gardeners. Height 2 1/2 feet. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Dwarf Gray Sugar     Edible pods. Height 2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

Heroine     Is a medium early green wrinkled Pea and comes in between Advancer and Champion of England, and bears a profusion of large, long, slightly curved pointed pods, containing from nine to ten large peas of finest quality. An immense cropper, yields double the quantity ordinary varieties do. Height 2 1/2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Horsford's Market Garden     Second early variety. It grows very stocky and requires no bushing. It is extremely prolific and bears its pods always in pairs. Height 2 1/2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Improved Stratagem     Late or main crop variety. Green, square, wrinkled, vigorous, branching habit. Remarkably luxuriant foliage, leaves unusually large. Pods long, well filled, with from seven to nine peas of enormous size. Height 2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.75)

Large Black Eyed Marrowfat     Late or main crop variety. An excellent variety. Height 4 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.50)

Large White Marrowfat     Late or main crop variety. One of the oldest varieties in cultivation, and a favorite market sort. Height 4 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $2.50)

Maud S     Tall variety. One of the best first early Peas for market or private use. Good size and excellent flavor. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

McLean's Advancer     Second early variety. A green, wrinkled variety, with long pods, which are abundantly produced and well filled to the end. Height 2 1/2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

McLean's Little Gem     Extra early variety. A dwarf, prolific green, wrinkled marrow, habit similar to the Tom Thumb. It has all the sugary flavor of the late wrinkled peas. Height 1 foot. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

Nebraska Lightning Pea     Tall variety. No extra early Pea has ever given the universal satisfaction among market gardeners that this one has. The pods are very large and well filled with round Peas of fine flavor. market gardeners and others can make no mistake in using this variety for their entire first early crop. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.25)

Nott's Excelsior     Second early variety. Pods are square and chunky, always containing from five to seven large peas, packed so closely together in the pods that the Peas are always more square than round. It grows toa uniform height, and it is at all times very tender and of fine flavor. Height 1 1/4 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Philadelphia Extra Early     Extra early tall variety. Peas smooth and excellent quality. A deservedly popular market sort. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $3.75)

Pride of the Market     Second early variety. Vines stiff with large, dark-green leaves, bearing at the top, generally in pairs, a fair frop of very large, dark-green pods well filled with large peas of good flavour. Height 2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $5)

Rural New Yorker     Tall variety. Early, productive and uniform in ripening. Height 2 1/2 feet. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $3.50)

Shropshire Hero     Second early variety. A robust grower, producing its large pods in abundance. Pods are larger and better filled than Stratagem. Telephone and others of its class, each containing eight to ten fine, large peas of exquisite flavor. height 2 1/2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Tall Gray Sugar     Edible pods. Height 2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Telephone     Late or main crop variety. Vines very strong. It branches considerably, the branches bearing from three to five pods. The pods average six to seven large wrinkled seeds of the first quality. Height 3 1/2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $5)

The N.S. Co.'s Favorite Pea     Second early variety. The seeds are white wrinkled, of vigorous growth, branching habit, prolific, pods large sized, which grow in pairs well filled with large Peas of fine quality. Height 2 1/2 ft. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

The Neb. Seed Co.'s First and Best     Extra early tall variety. Vines small, bearing three to seven straight, handsome pods, each containing six to eight medium sized round Peas of good quality. Stock we offer is especially grown for us. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4)

Tom Thumb     Remarkably dwarf and early of excellent quality and yields abundantly. Height 10 inches. (0.05/pkt) (bushel $4.50)

Cherry Red     Red, round, very hot and a great bearer. (0.05/pkt)

Chili     In growth like the Cayenne, but smaller and later. Used for pepper sauce. (0.05/pkt)

Golden Dawn     An excellent variety of great merit. Color of bright golden yellow, very brilliant and handsome. Entirely exempt from fierce flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Large Bell     A very large sort, or square corm, tapering to a point. Mild, thick and hard. Suitable for filling with cabbage, etc., and for mixed pickles. (0.05/pkt)

Long Red Cayenne     Long, red, hot and pungent. Dwarf growth. (0.05/pkt)

Ruby King     The peppers of the Ruby King attain a very large size. Ordinarily they grow four and one-half to six inches long, by three and one-half to four inches thick. When ripe they are of a beautiful, bright, ruby-red color, and are always remarkably mild and pleasant to the taste. (0.05/pkt)

Squash     Fruit more or less ribbed, color red, flesh thick, mild and pleasant to the taste. (0.05/pkt)

Sweet Mountain     Similar to the Bell, but larger. Much used for stuffed pickles. (0.05/pkt)

Queen's Golden     

White Pearl     

White Rice     

American Wonder     Main crop varieties. Best late potato for field culture ever introduced. Elongated in form with shallow eyes. Beautiful white and of fine quality. (bushel $1.50; $4.25/bbl)

Burpee's Extra Early     Early variety. One of the earlist varieties; it has proven to be ten days to two weeks earlier than Early Rose, Beauty of Hebron, Early Puritan, etc., fully one week earlier than the Early Ohio and nearly twice as productive. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Carman No. 1     Main crop varieties. An intermediate variety. The vines grow very strong and vigorous and produce a surprisingly large number of handsome white skinned, smooth tubers, finely netted, which keep perfectly. (bushel $1.50; $4.25/bbl)

Carman No. 3     Main crop varieties. No potato ever introduced has given such an enormously large yield of fine, smooth, merchantable tubers as this one has. The tubers are rounded oblong, somewhat flattened, giving a form not likely to be hollow. The eyes, while large, full and strong, are flush with the surface, making it, as has been claimed, the smoothest large potato grown. The color is pure white. (bushel $1.75; $5/bbl)

Early Harvest     Early variety. A beautiful oblong early potato of the greatest vigor and a heavy yielder. For an early potato this has no superior. Resembling somewhat the Polaris, but much more vigorous and productive, and of the very best quality. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Early Northern     Early variety. Now widely known, and deservedly one of the most popular sorts "that grow in the ground." Extra early. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Early Ohio     Early variety. Now widely known, and deservedly one of the most popular sorts "that grow in the ground." Extra early. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Early Rose     Early variety. A well known variety. Our stock is true from selected tubers. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Early Six Weeks     Early variety. This variety is very evidently a seedling of the Early Ohio, which it closely resembles in every way. The potatoes grow so rapidly that under favourable circumstances they are as large as hen's eggs, and therefore fit for family use in six weeks from the time of planting. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Early Sunrise     Early variety. Very early and productive. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Early Yellow Jersey     Seed sweet potato. Yellow skin and flesh. Very large growing variety, second early. (bushel $1.50; $3.50/bbl)

Freeman     Early variety. A popular variety. It has made money for those who have handled it. Very handsome, of fine grain, flesh pure white either raw or cooked. A good keeper. (bushel $1.40; $4/bbl)

Irish Cobbler     Early variety. A large extra early potato, very productive. Flesh creamy white, floury and excellent flavor. Skin netted. (bushel $1.40; $4/bbl)

Irish Daisy     Main crop varieties. Will outyield any other variety of late potatoes in any kind of soil. Skin pure bright straw color, shallow eyes and perfect in form. (bushel $1.50; $4.25/bbl)

June Eating     Early variety. Is the earliest market potato known. It was produced from the seed ball of the Eureka, and is the first variety known to produce three pounds of first class eating potatoes the first year from the seed ball, one of them weighing one-half pound. Cooks as light and floury as a snowflake. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

New Early Golden     Seed sweet potato. Light, golden-yellow skin, yellow flesh of excellent quality. Tubers of medium size, very prolific. (bushel $1.75; $4/bbl)

New Queen     Early variety. Very early and a good yielder of good quality. Resembles the Beauty of Hebron and White Elephant both in shape and color. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Ohio Junior     Early variety. A seedling of the Early Ohio. The tubers are oval, oblong, round at the seed end, with full eyes that are almost even with the surface. It is an excellent keeper, very productive, of fine quality, and has proven to be one week earlier than the Early Ohio. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Old's World Fair     Main crop varieties. For description we can do no better than to quote Mr. Olds, the introducer: "Beautiful in appearance, very smooth, eyes few and right on the surface, so that there is the least waste in paring, symmetrical in form and outline, with a creamy white skin, all covered with a netting. (bushel $1.60; $4.50/bbl)

Polaris     Early variety. A seedling from the old Early Rose. It is very productive and very fine flavor. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Red Bermuda     Seed sweet potato. Light-red skin, yellow flesh of excellent quality. (bushel $1.75; $4/bbl)

Red Jersey     Seed sweet potato. Red skin, yellow flesh. Very early and prolific. Of fine flavour. (bushel $1.75; $4/bbl)

Red Nansemond     Seed sweet potato. Red skin, white flesh, also large growing and second early variety. (bushel $1.75; $4/bbl)

Rural New Yorker     Main crop varieties. This new variety has proven to be a larger yielder. It is large and unusually smooth with few and shallow eyes. The skin is white as is the flesh, which is of superior quality. It is medium late and the best drouth resister on the list. Its only fault is that on some soils the tubers are hollow. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

The Acme     Early variety. Claimed to be the earliest potato of all potatoes. The seedling originated from a seed ball on a vine of the Snowflake which was growing between Early Ohio and Early Rose. The tubers are flesh colored, oblong in shape. (bushel $1.75; $5/bbl)

The Nebraska Seed Co.'s Earliest     Early variety. Has been thoroughly test during the past six seasons, side by side with such standard earlies as Burpee's Extra Early, Early Ohio, Puritan, etc., and ripens its whole crop from one to two weeks earlier than any of them. Skin is thick and tough, resisting scab and worms much better than other early varieties. (bushel $1.25; $3.50/bbl)

Yellow Nansemond     Yellow skin and flesh. Very large growing variety, second early. (bushel $1.50; $3.50/bbl)

Burpee's Quaker Pie     This very distinct and valuable variety hails from Washington Count, N.Y. It is of peculiar shape, being unlike any other. It is oval and tapers toward each end. It is of a creamy color both inside and out. By being stored in a warm, dry place, the (0.05/pkt)

Calhoun     It is medium in size, extraordinarily heavy and solid, is very productive and of excellent quality. The outside is a cream color, while the flesh, which is very thick and fine grained, is a salmon yellow of superior quality. It is undoubtedly (0.05/pkt)

Connecticut     A large yellow variety, hard shell. An excellent variety for field culture. (0.05/pkt)

Cushaw, Crooked Neck     Solid flesh, fine and sweet, keeps well. (0.05/pkt)

Japanese Pie     This remarkable variety comes from Japan, and makes a valuable addition to our pie and cooking pumkins. The flesh is very thick, nearly solid, the seed cavity being very small in one end of the pumpkin, unusually fine grained, dry and sweet, having (0.05/pkt)

Jonathan Pumpkin     This new Pumpkin is one of the finest varieties grown. It is very sweet and fine for pies. (0.05/pkt)

Large Cheese     Cheese shaped, in flavor like Crookneck squash, yellow-fleshed, fine grained and very productive. Superior to most field varieties. (0.05/pkt)

Mammoth King     The largest variety ever introduced. An enormous yielder, having produced over 100 tons per acre. The flesh is very thick, right orange color and of fine quality, and in flavor equals squash. It has no superior for pies, and is of excellent quality (0.05/pkt)

Sugar     This variety is smaller than the Large Field, but of finer grain, sweeter and very prolific. (0.05/pkt)

Tennessee Sweet Potato     Grows to a medium size, pear shaped, a little ribbed color creamy white, sometimes striped with green, flesh thick, creamy white, remarkably fine grained, dry and brittle, and of most excellent flavor. (0.05/pkt)

California Mammoth White Winter     Of immense size, long. (0.05/pkt)

Chartier     A very distinct variety, being dark red at the top, and merging into a pure white at the base. It stands well, and will grow to a large size before it is unfit for the table. (0.05/pkt)

Chinese Rose     An excellent winter Radish. (0.05/pkt)

Cincinnati Market     The tops are so small that the Radishes may stand touching each other in the rows. They grow perfectly straight and smooth, and from six to seven inches in length. Their attractive, glossy, scarlet-colored skin is very thin, and the flesh crisp and brittle and of delightfully pungent flavor. It has a clear, waxy, transparent appearance. (0.05/pkt)

Early Deep Scarlet Turnip     A small round red, turnip-shaped Radish with a small top and of very quick growth. Mild and crisp when young. (0.05/pkt)

Early Scarlet Globe     This is one of the quickest growing and handsomest extra early Radishes in cultivation. It is crisp and tender, while its perfect globe shape leaves nothing to be desired. (0.05/pkt)

Early White Olive-Shaped     White skin and crisp, white flesh. (0.05/pkt)

Early White Turnip     Both skin and flesh white, crisp. (0.05/pkt)

Extra Early Scarlet Turnip     Small, round, red Radishes. (0.05/pkt)

French Breakfast     Olive-shaped, red tipped, white. (0.05/pkt)

Giant White Stuttgart     An immense white Radish. (0.05/pkt)

Glass Radish     So named on account of its flesh, which is a transparent white, crisp, mild flavor, and brittle, even when grown to a large size. It is a long radish, pink, with white tip, and is very uniform in growth. (0.05/pkt)

Golden Globe     A favorite summer Radish. (0.05/pkt)

Half-Long, Deep Scarlet     The New Orleans favorite. (0.05/pkt)

Long Black Spanish Winter      (0.05/pkt)

Long Scarlet Short Top     The standard sort grown for private gardens and for market. (0.05/pkt)

Long White Naples     Flesh white, crisp and mild. (0.05/pkt)

Long White Spanish Winter      (0.05/pkt)

Long White Vienna, Early     This is unquestionably the finest long white Radish in cultivation. (0.05/pkt)

New Leafless     This variety of Radish grows so rapidly that the roots are practically in advance of the leaves, which fact suggested the name of Leafless. The skin is a beautiful bright color, and the crisp, tender flesh of most excellent quality. A shy seeder. (0.1/pkt)

Non Plus Ultra     This is one of the earliest forcing Radishes in cultivation, a perfect globe in shape. Deep scarlet on top, blending into white at the bottom. Very tender and fine grained, rarely becoming hollow or pithy. (0.05/pkt)

Philadelphia White "Box"     Its points of superiority are its remarkably short top, rapid growth, perfect turnip shape, extra fine quality, and showing no disposition whatever to become pithy with age. (0.05/pkt)

Rosy Gem     Fine for forcing or open culture, a perfect globe in shape. Deep scarlet on top, blending into white at the bottom. Very tender and fine grained, rarely becoming hollow or pithy. (0.05/pkt)

Round Black Spanish     The favorite winter Rettig of Germany. (0.05/pkt)

Scarlet Olive-Shaped     Quite early Olive shaped. (0.05/pkt)

White Strassburg     Very large, half-long sort, of unexcelled flavor. It is a rapid grower, sometimes producing a crop in six weeks. (0.05/pkt)

White Tip Scarlet Turnip     Well known vareity. (0.05/pkt)

White Tipped Long Brightest Scarlet     This is a new variety, resembling the Early Long Scarlet in shape and size, and is very early, being ready for use 25 days after sowing. It is very handsome, being of the brightest scarlet, tipped with white. (0.05/pkt)

Woods' Early Frame     Similar to Long Scarlet. (0.05/pkt)

Yellow Summer Turnip     Grows to a large size. Excellent to stand the heat and drouth of the summer. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     Finest sorts, mixed. (0.05/pkt)

Linnaeus     Early, large and tender. (0.05/pkt)

Monarch     The largest and most vigorous and productive variety known. (0.05/pkt)

Victoria     Vary large, later than Linnaeus. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Rosemerinus Officinalis) (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Ruta Graveolens) Medicinal herb. Good for croup in fowls. (0.05/pkt)

Ruta baga
Carter's Imperial Hardy Swede     Very hardy and productive. Flesh yellow, solid, sweet and fine flavor. Equally good for stock and table use. (0.05/pkt)

Improved American Purple Top     A most excellent sort for either table or stock, yield heavily without tendency to long neck. (0.05/pkt)

Laing's Improved     An early variety. Bulb handsome and of fine quality. (0.05/pkt)

Shamrock     A very fine purple top variety. Bulb large and handsome, with small top and few leaves. A good keeper. (0.05/pkt)

Skirving's Purple Top     A good variety for table and stock. Grows to a large size, flesh firm, solid, sweet and a good keeper. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Salvia Officinalis) Extensively used for seasoning. (0.05/pkt)

Long White     The standard variety. (0.05/pkt)

Mammoth Sandwich Island     A new and large growing variety, of great value to the market gardener. (0.05/pkt)

Scorzonera     Rood black before cooking. (0.05/pkt)

Summer     (Satureia Hortensis) Extensively used for seasoning. (0.05/pkt)

Sea Kale
(Unnamed)      (0.05/pkt)

Bloomsdale Curled Savoy-Leaved     The leaves are wrinkled like Savoy Cabbage, from whence the name; it is a very valuable variety, particularly for market gardeners. (0.05/pkt)

Broad-Leaved Flanders     This is an excellent and productive variety, very hardy, robust grower, producing long thick leaves, ten inches long and eight inches wide at the base, and may be sown nearly all the year round. (0.05/pkt)

Long Standing Prickly Spinach     The largest, thickest leaved and best-keeping Spinach we have ever seen. Very hardy; equally desirable for summer or winter planting. (0.05/pkt)

Long-Standing     The leaves are thick, fleshy and crumpled, equal to the Bloomsdale Curled Savoy Leaved, and standing at least two weeks longer than any other variety without running to seed. (0.05/pkt)

New Zealand     Grows very large and luxuriant; warm rich soil (0.05/pkt)

Prickly     Stands winter well, of less bulk than the round leaf. (0.05/pkt)

Round Thick-Leaved     Excellent market sort; equally good for Spring and Fall sowing; leaves large, thick and fleshy, in general use for early Spring planting; also for fall sowing. (0.05/pkt)

Round-Leaf Viroflay     A variety with large, thick leaves. (0.05/pkt)

American Turban     An excellent fall and winter variety. Flesh orange-colored, fine grained and of good flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Boston Marrow     A bright-orange squash for Autumn use. (0.05/pkt)

Butman     A variety in size and productiveness resembling the Hubbard. Flesh fine grained, lemon colored, and of excellent flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Chicago Warted Hubbard     Our select strain of the ever-popular old Hubbard Squash is most excellent, but the Chicago growers seem to have produced "An Ideal Hubbard." "A Hubbard Squash, large, blackish-green, hard as wood, with warty knobs all over it, satisfies even the inexperienced observer that it is the best of its class, rich in quality, a keeper and thick-fleshed, such as will sell at sight." (0.05/pkt)

Cocozelle Bush     Excellent to use young, fried. (0.05/pkt)

Early Orange Marrow     Earlier and more productive. (0.05/pkt)

Early Prolific Marrow     Similar to Boston Marrow, but much earlier and far more productive, of must delicious flavour. For fall and winter. (0.05/pkt)

Early Summer Crookneck     The popular, small crooknecked. (0.05/pkt)

Early White Bush, Scalloped     The White Patty Pan Squash. (0.05/pkt)

Early Yellow Bush, Scalloped     Differs in its deep-orange color. (0.05/pkt)

Essex Hybrid     A good squash for fall and winter use. (0.05/pkt)

Fordhook Squash     It is described as of medium size, bright yellow outside and straw yellow inside, flesh very thick and the seed cavity small. The vine is a rapid grower, and the Squashes mature earlier than other winter varieties, and it is also very productive. The quality is the best. (0.05/pkt)

Hubbard     The well-known popular, standard winter squash. (0.05/pkt)

Long Island White Bush     A selection of the old White Bush Scallop, and a vast improvement, having less prominent ridges and being much deeper, so that a single Squash actually contains nearly twice as much weight as the old sort. (0.05/pkt)

Mammoth Chili     Very large growing squash, often attaining the enormous weight of 250 pounds. Excellent for culinary purposes, and especially desirable for stock. (0.05/pkt)

Mammoth Summer Crookneck     This strain is a great improvement on the old variety of Crookneck. It is larger and better in every way. (0.05/pkt)

Mammoth White Bush     The best strain of white scalloped squash in existence. It grows to a large size, and for quality it is simply delicious. (0.05/pkt)

Marblehead     A fine late variety, resembling the Hubbard, only that the flesh is a little lighter than that variety. (0.05/pkt)

Sibley     A most excellent winter squash. Long keeper. (0.05/pkt)

White Summer Crookneck     This is the same as the well-known Yellow Summer Crookneck, except that the squashes are white in color. The ivory-white fruits are very handsome and uniform in shape. (0.05/pkt)

Squash - Vegetable Marrow
Vegetable Marrow     A favorite English sort. The fruit is very variable in size, from 9 to 18 inches in length, and from 4 to 6 inches in diameter. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     Large varieties, mixed. (0.05/pkt)

Sugar Beet
French Red-Top Sugar     Good percentage of sugar: from 10-13%. Heavy yield. Has produced 30 tonnes of beets to the acre. Most generally grown in France. (0.05/pkt)

Klein Wanzeblen     The root is conical, straight and even, quite large at the head and rapidly tapering. Contains from 14-15% of sugar. A heavier yielder than Vilmorin's Improved. Cultivates on a larger scale than any other beet. (0.05/pkt)

Lane's Imperial     Large. Used mostly for feeding. Most prolific of all sugar beets. (0.05/pkt)

Vilmorin's Improved     Containing about16% of sugar. Under average conditions it has yielded 14 tonnes of roots to the acre. (0.05/pkt)

Helianthus     Grown especially for its seed, which is good poultry feed. The stalks are used as fuel in many sections where wood and coal are scarce. The leaves are often used as forave. Plant and cultuvate same as corn.

Mammoth Russian      (0.05/pkt)

Swiss Chard
(Unnamed)     Used for its leaves. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Thymus Vulgaris) Extensively used for seasoning. (0.05/pkt)

Connecticut Seed Leaf     This variety is a staple crop. (0.05/pkt)

Havana     Commands a high price for cigar stock. (0.05/pkt)

Missouri Broad Leaf     A well known standard sort. (0.05/pkt)

Acme     The well-known standard bright-pink tomato. (0.05/pkt)

Atlantic Prize     We have no hesitation in offering this as the best and earliest of the extra early sorts; and invaluable to those whom earlinest is the first consideration. (0.05/pkt)

Beauty     Large, solid, smooth Tomatoes; purplish pink. (0.05/pkt)

Crimson Cushion     Fruit very large, round and regular; bright scarlet color; flesh solid and best quality; cells small and few in number. The plants are very productive. The fruit is of fine form and appearance, and will stand shipment well. (0.05/pkt)

Dwarf Champion     A very distinct, new variety, of tree-like, upright growth. The plant grows stiff and upright, with very thick and short jointed stems. It can be planted as close as three feet. The Dwarf Champion will bear very heavy manuring, the strength increasing the abundance and size of fruit, instead of producing superabundant vines. (0.05/pkt)

Essex Hybrid     Early, similar to the Acme in shape and color, somewhat larger; very desirable. (0.05/pkt)

Extra Early Advance     Is one of the earliest. With favorable weather this Tomato will ripen in ninety days after sowing the seed. (0.05/pkt)

Golden Queen     This is the only first-class, large, pure yellow Tomato. (0.05/pkt)

Henderson's Ponderosa     This grand new variety is a monster of the Tomato family, the Tomatoes often weighing two or three pound each; of a rich, bright crimson color and all solid meat, exceptionally free from seeds. Extremely delicious in flavour, whether used raw or cooked; a single Tomato is enough for a meal. Very desirable for family and market purposes. (0.05/pkt)

Livingston's Favorite     Brigh red, smooth Tomatoes of good size. (0.05/pkt)

Livingston's Perfection     In our opinion identical with Paragon. (0.05/pkt)

New Imperial     This fine new Tomato is not so early as the Early Ruby, but the fruits are of larger size and thicker through. It is quite thick at the shoulder, free from any hard core, and is quite fleshy. The Tomatoes are very smooth and fine in form, of a bright-red color, but changing to pinkish purple, like Acme, when fully ripe. (0.05/pkt)

New Terra-Cotta     With lusterless skin of a pure terra-cotta color. (0.05/pkt)

Paragon     The well-known standard bright-red Tomato. (0.05/pkt)

Pear-Shaped Yellow     Fruit Pear-shaped and yellow; used for pickling. (0.05/pkt)

Red Cherry     Fruit about an inch in diameter, in bunches; used in pickles. (0.05/pkt)

Ruby, Early     The great value of this variety lies in the fact that it is by fact the earliest of all the large sized Tomatoes which combine good form, rich crimson color and solidity. (0.05/pkt)

Strawberry     The fruit has a pleasant strawberry-like flavor, esteemed by many for preserving. (0.05/pkt)

The Great B.B. (Brinton's Best)     The best main crop Tomato ever introduced. The vines grow vigorously and produce abundantly until killed by frost. They attract great attention owing to their beautiful deep red color, uniformly even large size and perfect, smooth shape. The skin is remarkably tough and solid, so that ripe specimens picked from the vine will keep in good, marketable condition for two weeks. Its fine quality and solidity are unequalled. (0.05/pkt)

The Ignotum     This new Tomato was first discovered at the Michigan Agricultural College in 1887, by Prof. L. H. Bailey, being a sprout from a foreign variety under test at that station. It is of handsome deep red color, ripending to the stem and free from crock or rot. (0.05/pkt)

The Mikado     A new variety of very large size and superior quality. Color, purplish red; perfectly solid, produced in immense clusters. (0.05/pkt)

The New Fortune     The very best second early Tomato in cultivation, following ten days after Atlantic Prize, with its magnificent large red fruit, borne in immense clusters. (0.05/pkt)

The New Stone     Ripens for main crop; is very large and of bright scarlet color; very smooth, with occasionally a specimen with very slightly octagon shaped; ripening evenly to the stem without a crack; exceedlingly solid and firm fleshed. (0.05/pkt)

The Peach Tomato     Resembles the peach in form and suffused coloring; very solid; rich, meaty flesh to eat raw. (0.05/pkt)

Thorburn's Longkeeper     This choice new variety originated with Mr. Carman, the editor of the Rural New Yorker, and is indeed a magnificent variety. Color beautiful bright red, large, finest flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Trophy     Very large, solid and generally smooth. (0.05/pkt)

Yellow Cherry     Similar to Red Cherry in form and habit, differing only in color. (0.05/pkt)

Yellow Plum     Bright yellow in color; round and regular in shape: useful for preserves. (0.05/pkt)

Early Purple Top Munich     A German variety, very handsome, very early, with a bright, purplish-red top and a fine mouse-tailed root. (0.05/pkt)

Early White Flat Dutch     An excellent garden variety resembling White Strap Leaf, one of the best varieties for Spring sowing. (0.05/pkt)

Early White Strap Leaf     Differs from the Purple Top Munich ionly in color. (0.05/pkt)

Extra Early Purple Top Milan     Fully a week earlier than the Munich, which has, heretofore, been considered the very earliest. It is of medium size and flat shape, pure white flesh, of excellent flavor, very small top and a good keeper. (0.05/pkt)

Extra Early White Milan     Extra early turnip in which the extreme earliness, small top and tap root of the Purple Top Milan is united with clear white skin and flesh. (0.05/pkt)

Golden Ball     (Robertson's) A rapid grower, globe shaped, and of a beautiful color and a good keeper. (0.05/pkt)

Large White Globe     One of the most productive. In rich soil the roots will frequently grow to 12 pounds in weight. Globe shaped, skin white and smooth. (0.05/pkt)

Large White Norfolk     A large, globe shaped variety. One of the best for stock. (0.05/pkt)

Long White     The roots are shaped like a carrot, about half of which is formed above the ground. Flesh white, fine grained and sweet. (0.05/pkt)

Purple Top Strap     Flat, fine flavor and one of the most popular varieties grown, as when sown late it is one of our best varieties, being an excellent keeper. (0.05/pkt)

Purple Top White Globe     A handsome looking bulb, and is rapidly taking the lead of all other varieties of early Turnips for market garden purposes. (0.05/pkt)

Sweet German     Partakes largely of the nature of Ruta-Baga and should be sown a month earlier than the flat Turnips. Flesh white, hard, firm and sweet. (0.05/pkt)

White Egg     Flesh very firm and fine-grained, thin and perfectly smooth skin, and both flesh and skin are of snowy whiteness. (0.05/pkt)

Yellow Aberdeen     Very hardy and productive, very firm, good keeper, color pale yellow, and closely resembles the Ruta Bagas. (0.05/pkt)

Black Spanish     Earliest. Round, skin dark green, flesh red, rich sugary flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Cole's Early     Very hardy, a sure cropper, and extremely delicate in texture of flesh, which is of a dark red color. The rind is thin, and the quality of the flesh is sustained clear to the rind. It is, however, exceedlingly brittle, hence not desirable for shipping purposes. (0.05/pkt)

Colorado Preserving     The best for citron preserves. (0.05/pkt)

Cuban Queen     The largest and one of the best grown, often reaching 50 and sometimes 70 pounds. An excellent keeper. Skin beautifully striped, dark and light green. The flesh is red, solid, delicate in flavor and very sweet. (0.05/pkt)

Dark Icing     Of round form, sugary flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Dixie     In this we have a new Water Melon of excellent merits and we can recommend it to our customers as the best shipping melon grown, being even larger, earlier, and far more productive than Kolb's Gem, which has heretofore been considered the best melon for shipping. (0.05/pkt)

Florida Favourite     An oblong melon, of fine flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Fordhook Early     Has proved to be the largest early variety on the list and we verily believe it to be the earliest of all. From seeds planted May 10th ripe Melons were produced the last of July. The rind is tough, making it valuable for shipping. Color a uniform medium green. Seeds white. Flesh bright red and very sweet. (0.05/pkt)

Georgia Rattlesnake     A large, oblong melon. (0.05/pkt)

Hoosier King     A melon with exceptional qualities. The melons grow oblong and are of an even diameter through their entire length. The flesh is brilliant red, very solid, sweet and luscious. The skin is striped light and dark green. The rind is very thin but exceedlingly hard, which renders it a valuable shipping sort. (0.05/pkt)

Ice Cream     True White Seeded, oblong, luscious. (0.05/pkt)

Jordan's Gray Monarch     The skin is of an attractive mottled, very light green color, so light as to nearly warrant the name white or gray. The flesh is deep red in color and of very fine quality, fully equal to the old "icing." In size, specimens weighting 60 to 70 pounds have been raised. (0.05/pkt)

Jumbo     The shape is round, color green with faint lighter stripes, deep-red meat, surpassing all other varieties as much in flavor as in size, and as a maket melon sells more rapidly and for higher prices. They grow to weigh eighty pounds. From 40 to 60 pounds is common. (0.05/pkt)

Kentucky Wonder     A popular market melon in the West. (0.05/pkt)

Kolb's Gem     The great market melon. Carries well. (0.05/pkt)

Mammoth Iron Clad     A standard variety. Grows very large. (0.05/pkt)

McIver's Wonderful Sugar     The sweetest melon grown. Without a single exception this is the sweetest Water Melon of all. It is simply superb. The Melons grow oblong, resembling Rattlesnake in shape, attain a great weight, are of very handsome appearance. never crack or lose their fine flavor in the wettest season. (0.05/pkt)

Nabob     A very large, solid and heavy melon of splendid keeping qualities. Slightly oblong in shape, with a little depression at the bloom end or eye. Color dark green, peculiarly mottled with light-green spots, which might suggest irregular carving. Weight thirty to fifty pounds. Flesh deep scarlet, sweet and luscious. (0.05/pkt)

Nebraska Stock Melon      (0.05/pkt)

New Sweet Heart     A magnificent new shipping Melon of uniformly large size and fine quality. Vine vigorous and productive, ripening its fruit early. Fruit large, oval, very heavy, uniformly mottled light and very light green. Rind thin but firm, flesh bright red, firm, solid but very tender, melting and sweet. (0.05/pkt)

Phinney's Early     A first-class, extra early, of medium size. (0.05/pkt)

Pride of Georgia     Round in shape, skin striped. (0.05/pkt)

Red Seed Citron     Old standard variety, especially used for preserving. Flesh white and solid, seeds green. (0.05/pkt)

Seminole     Similar to Jordan's Gray Monarch. (0.05/pkt)

The Boss     A fine, oblong melon, of small size, good flavor. (0.05/pkt)

The Jones     A great favorite in the South, rich flavor. (0.05/pkt)

Vick's Early     Extra early. Oblong, skin varies in color. (0.05/pkt)

(Unnamed)     (Artemsia Absynthium) Used for medicinal purposes. (0.05/pkt)