Bean : Broad Windsor


Historic Seed Catalogue References:

1817 Catalogue, Quebec QUE
 Broad Windsor: Kitchen garden seed.
1878 Canadian Ag Warehouse, Nos. 89, 91 & 98 McGill Street. Montreal QUE
 Broad Windsor: English
1879 Keith, Scarboro, Ontario
 Broad Windsor:
1880 Marcon, Guelph, ON, Wyndham Street.
 Taylor's Broad Windsor: favorite variety.
1898 Keith, Toronto ON
 Broad Windsor: (English) Large; one of the best.
1902 Carter, Charlottetown PEI
 Broad Windsor: English or broad. Very fine, best for general use.
1906 Keith, Winnipeg MAN
 Broad Windsor: English; large; the favorite.
1908 McKenzie, Brandon MAN
 English Broad Windsor: A well-known and popular variety among many planters. Plant the seed about six inches deep and four inches apart, rows about three feet apart. As the pods get their form, pinch off the tops, thereby preventing to much running to vine.
1913 Ontario Seed Co, Waterloo ON
 Broad Windsor: English.
1914 Ontario Seed Co, Waterloo ON
 Broad Windsor: English.
1929 Steele Briggs, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton
 Broad Windsor: English or broad bean. Very hardy; plant as soon as the soil is in good shape in the spring. Plant 4 inches apart and 2 inches deep in drills 4 feet apart. To insure well filled pods, pinch off the top as soon as the pods beging to set.
1937 McFayden, Winnipeg MAN, Toronto ON
 Broad Windsor Improved: Broad bean. Familiar to every Old Country man. The beans are shelled, cooked and served like green peas. New - distinct. Try some.
1938 Abercrombie, Vancouver BC, 821 West Pender Street. (Also at Victoria B.C.)
 Broad Windsor: Particularly fine flavour; huge cropper.
1940 Gaze, St John's NFLD
 Broad: Winsor: The best broad bean grown.
1947 Pike, Edmonton AB
 Improved Broad Windsor: Broad. Specially suitable for our short season; large and productive.
1950 Lindenberg, Brandon MAN
 English Windsor Broad: Produces big, broad, fleshy pods. Should be planted early.

Seed Availability:

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