Onion : Barletta

For pickling. Silver skinned.

Historic Seed Catalogue References:

1898 Nebraska Seed Co, Omaha, Neb.
 Extra Early Barletta: Both for table use and for pickling it is most valuable, while its extreme rapidity of growth will astonish every one who raises it the first time.
1906 Keith, Winnipeg MAN
 White Barletta: An extra early, small white skinned variety; flesh pure white; very mild in flavor; excellent for pickling.
1908 McKenzie, Brandon MAN
 White Barletta: For pickling. The earliest ripening onion in cultivation. Bulbs are pure, paper-white, and generally very small, averaging about an inch thick; of very mild flavor.
1913 Ontario Seed Co, Waterloo ON
 White Barletta Pickling:
1929 Steele Briggs, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton
 White Barletta: For pickling. A very early, small, pure white variety having a very delicate silver skin; flesh firm and mild in flavor. Its great merit over all others is its extreme earliness. For pickling purposes it is unequalled.
1932 Dupuy & Ferguson, 438-442 Jacques Cartier Sq., Monreal QUE
 Extra Early Barletta White: Flat top conical bottom. Useful for pickling. One of the earliest silver skinned sorts.
1937 McFayden, Winnipeg MAN, Toronto ON
 Early White Barletta: Exhibition variety. One of the earliest, handsomest and smallest of the white pickling onions; makes a good bunching sort. This is the standard pickling onion.
1947 Pike, Edmonton AB
 Barletta: Small, white flesh, mild, excellent for pickling.

Seed Availability:


Not currently propagated by Seeds of Diversity's seed-savers.
Available from a small number of mail-order seed companies. Difficult to find.
Not maintained by the Canadian gene bank.
Maintained by the U.S. gene bank.



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