Potato : Chippewa

Historic Seed Catalogue References:

1937 McFayden, Winnipeg MAN, Toronto ON
 Chippewa: Market Gardeners' Award of Merit. Chippewa is the recent introduction from the American Government that is gaining in favor under northern culture. We have grown an acreage of Chippewa and fine that it is similar to Irish Cobbler in maturity, although Irish Cobbler is more productive and just as disease resistant. Chippewa has, though, splendid market type, and on the table this improved variety has no equal. The tubers are smooth, oblong to elliptical, white, regular in outline, with very shallow eyes, and an attractive appearance. It is claimed that Chippewa spreads out too much in the ground, so that it is impossible to harvest all the tubers with a machine digger. So far, growers in Manitoba have had no trouble harvesting. Concerning this new variety, Professor Yeager, of North Dakota, states: "Of all the new varieties of potatoes now on the market, Chippewa seems to me to offer the most promise."

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