Seeds of Diversity 
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Don't shake the tree when the pears fall off themselves.
- Slovakian Proverb
Seeds of Diversity thanks the
J.W. McConnell Family Foundation,
the October Hill Foundation,
The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security
for their support.

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Allison Prindiville

Our Objectives

To search out, preserve, perpetuate, study, and encourage the cultivation of heirloom and endangered varieties of food crops by:

searching out heirloom and endangered varieties, particularly Canadian varieties;

encouraging and enabling gardeners and farmers to grow, maintain, and disseminate these varieties through the annual seed exchange project;

establishing and maintaining curatorial collections of Canadian varieties;

co-operating with individuals, groups, and institutions in Canada and internationally in aid of maintaining, supplementing, and salvaging existing collections of heirloom and endangered varieties;

encouraging commercial seed companies, nurseries, and related businesses to grow, maintain, and propagate, and commercially distribute these varieties as a means of perpetuating them.

To educate the public about the importance of heirloom and endangered varieties of food crops and the need for their continued cultivation and preservation by:

addressing the general public and interest groups including farmers, gardeners, museums, gene banks, clubs and schools;

providing information on the proper methods of seed saving to maintain the genetic integrity of crop varieties;

providing information on sources of heirloom and endangered varieties to those interested in obtaining and maintaining them;

providing a forum for sharing information and open discussion on issues relating to the preservation of genetic diversity of crop plants through publications, lectures, media presentations, conferences, and exhibits;

sharing information and experience with organizations in other nations to aid their efforts to maintain heirloom and endangered varieties.