Note: Articles are listed by issue (in reverse publication order) by title and author(s). Letters and items about Heritage Seed Program activities are not included.

August 1995

Caravan Farm Theatre, Lisa Moonling

A seedy year, Sharon Rempel

Job’s tears, Pleasance Crawford

Pre-1900 sweet peas, Peter Grayson

Gardening by instinct, Ingrid Bauer & Jean-Claude Catry

Durable disease resistance in plants, T.E. Michaels

Increasing horizontal pest resistance of beans grown in Mexico, T.E. Michaels

Late blight revival, Louise Laferriere

Island sunshine, Gerrit Loo

The HSP’s role in the preservation of clonal germplasm, Hugh Daubeny

April 1995

More on the story of corn (letter), Helen Brink & John Wilcox

Mrs. Potter’s Wax Works, W.G. Tolton

Osho Gardens, Somananda

Getting started, Dave Ackerman

CSA and heritage seeds grow well together, Robert Budd

Improvement of fruit varieties by breeding, O.A. Bradt

Sustained funding support needed for fruit breeding programs, Hugh Daubeny

Growing evening primrose, Melanie Boudreau

White corn chips and evening primrose oil, Wayne Martin

The potato: One of Canada’s main food crops, Jane Seabrook & Richard Tarn

The New Brunswick potato, Tim Andrew & Sheila Andrew

Favourite squash

A cucurbitologist’s thoughts in the Big Apple, Thomas Andres

December 1994

Sowing Seeds for Change conference, Bob Wildfong

Uncommon growth at Mapple Farm, Greg Wingate

Terra Edibles, Judy Gaunt

Gardens North: Perennial seed for the Canadian garden, Kristl Walek

Seed selling, breeding and garden experiments, Ken Allan

Prairie Grown Garden Seeds, Jim Ternier

Territorial Seeds, Mary Ballon

Howe Sound Seeds, Kathy Dunster

Salt Spring Seeds: New and of note, Dan Jason

The romance of Marquis wheat, O.J. Stevenson

Harvest, Michael E. Muttes

Medicinal herbs, Sheila Mahlberg

The citron

Nova Scotia fruit cake, Jo Ann Gardner

August 1994

Exploring central Tibet for crop plant genetic resources, Ardeshir B. Damania

The story of corn, Gerry Waldron

Vegetable breeding at Stokes Seeds, Part IV: Sweet corn, Ernest A. Kerr

More peas please, David Murray

Craigflower Farm, Jennifer Iredale

Heritage seeds at Freeport Hospital, Kim Keekes & Bruce Mutton

Summer notes from Mike’s garden, Michael Muttes

A garden of flowers, Maureen Lemay

A bountiful garden, Lynn Morrison

April 1994

More on tomatoes, Ernest A. Kerr

The Birth of Off the Vine, Greg LeHoullier

Apple growing in New Brunswick, Michael Hutton & Essie Lom

Spring notes from Mike’s garden, Michael Muttes

My first plant discovery, James Lambton

A garden full of fun, Caroline Neabel

News from Prairie Grown Garden Seeds, Jim Ternier

Maritime garden, Tom Smith, Jr.

Conserving biodiversity, John Pinkerton

Journey to Ethiopia, Dan Jason

The Court of Eden, Jim Ternier

Threshing day at the Grist Mill, Cuyler Page

The 3rd Annual Great Zucca Reunion, Cuyler Page

Vegetable breeding at Stokes Seeds, Part III: Peppers, Ernest A. Kerr

Further thoughts on maintaining heritage potato varieties, Garrett H. Pittenger

Are your potatoes healthy?, Kenneth R. Marchant

What price potatoes, Jeremy Cherfas

December 1993

The Carmody House herb garden, Anne Baker

A good year, Dave Ackerman

Bill’s gardens, Bill Minkey

More from Judy’s garden, Judy Gaunt

Planting for wildlife program, Ron Deckert & Gayle Carlyle

The citron, Barbara Rokeby

The garden that grew, John Cullen

Heritage Seed Curators Association, Bill Hankin

Keeping track, Barbara Rokeby

Homemade winnower, Antoine d’Avignon

Vegetable breeding at Stokes Seeds, Part II: Tomatoes, Ernest A. Kerr

Isolation distances for tomatoes, Jeff McCormack

High vitamin C tomatoes, Ken Allan

The tomato

August 1993

The apprenticeship of a tree farmer, Michael T. McCormick

City orchard, Fred Gartelmann

Seed give away at Six Nations Reserve, L. Caroline Plank

Jan’s garden, Jan Phillips

Herbal delights, Barry Puskas

Recipes from Elaine’s kitchen, Elaine Freedman

Gwenmar Garden, Joy Smith

Growing high protein crops, Dan Jason

Recipes for alternatives to grain, Mary Anne Robertson

Disease resistant Havasupai sunflower, Thomas Gulya

Gardens of earthly pioneer delights, Virginia Corner

Heritage plants return through the Center for Historic Plants, Peggy C. Newcomb

Vegetable breeding at Stokes Seeds, Part I, Ernest A. Kerr

April 1993

Country Lane Herbs & Dried Flowers, Karen Michaud

Echinacea: Heritage healer, Dan Jason

Judy’s garden, Judy Gaunt

Garden chronicles: The first cow, Judith Adam

More recipes from Garrett’s kitchen, Garrett H. Pittenger

Canadian unique breeds: Newfoundland pony and sheep, Jy Chiperzak

Seeds of survival, Heather Apple

Landscaping our mind, Henry Kock

Garden polycultures, Ianto Evans

Historic farming at Hancock Shaker Village, Liz Fitzsimmons

December 1992

Wheat and barley oh, Dan Jason

Great grains at the Grist Mill, Cuyler Page

The return of the zucca, Cuyler Page

The Seed Savers Exchange Campout, Judy Gaunt

Doon Heritage Crossroads Fall Fair, Bob Wildfong

Vegetable Garden Research 1992, Ken Allen

High vitamin C tomato growout

On growing green tomatoes, Diane Kennedy

Travelling gardener, Caroline Neabel

Prairie gardener, Caroline Neabel

Favourite flowers, HSP Members

Wild strawberries at the Canadian Clonal Genebank, Margie Luffman

Wild fruits, Catherine Parr Traill

Our native food plants, Heather Apple

Recipes from Garrett’s kitchen, Garrett H. Pittenger

Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Cheryl S. Pratt

August 1992

Interview with Dr. Melaku Worede & Heather Apple

USC’s Seeds of Survival

Culturing and preserving prairie native fruit species, Richard G. St. Pierre

“Growing things” at the Ontario Agricultural Museum, Gwenn Lyons

The historic gardens of Bellevue House, Colin Beckingham

Garden City Seeds, Susan Wall-MacLane

Return of the Cariboo potato, C.E.E.D.S.

Siberian tomato test, Philip Harnden

Tomato breeding: Then and now, Ernest A. Kerr

Richter’s Herbs, Heather Apple

Challenges in maintaining heritage potato varieties, Garrett H. Pittenger

April 1992

Corn: Improving a variety while maintaining its genetic diversity, Ed Cikatricis

More from Prairie Grown Seeds, Jim Ternier

More musings from an urban heritage gardener, Elaine Freedman

New red raspberry varieties for the Pacific Northwest, Hugh A. Daubeny

Gardens North: Perennials for the Canadian garden, Kristl Walek

Garfield Farm Museum: Crossroads of history & genetic diversity, Gregory Vosefski

The Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario, Annie Gould

The Henry Doubleday Research Association, Jeremy Cherfas

Heritage Seeds/ Heritage Breeds, Jy Chiperzak

December 1991

The 1991 HSP Conference, Nancy Geffken

The 1991 SSE Campout Convention, Nancy Geffken

Plant food bearing trees!, Heather Apple

Start your own heritage orchard, Dan Bussey

Beyond delicious — Alternatives for the home orchard, Shelly Paulocik

Windmill Point Farm & Nursery, Ken Taylor

Manhattan Farms, Leslie Scrimshaw

Todmorden Mills, Desmay Smith

Nursery and seed trade catalogues, Ina Vrugtman

August 1991

The seed link, Pattie LaCrois

Propagating wild flowers, James Hodgins

A century of violets, Shirley Bellows

Heirlooms like the prairies, Caroline Neabel

Prairie Grown Garden Seeds, Jim Ternier

Fruit varieties for the prairies, Drew Livingston

Saskatoons, Sara Williams

Black Creek Pioneer Village, Heather Apple & Dennis Pollock

ALFHAM: A meeting of seedy characters, Sharon Rempel

April 1991

More on sweet potatoes

Starting your own seed saving activities, Heather Apple

Record keeping, Judy Gaunt

Vegetable garden research, Heather Apple

Seedy Saturday, Sharon Rempel

Heirloom cultivars, modern techniques, Janick Lorion

Ancient seeds for modern needs: Native Seeds/SEARCH story, Kevin Dahl & Native Seeds/SEARCH

Territorial Seed Company, Steve Solomon

Cool-weather legumes, Dan Jason

Moving toward bioregional foods: Fava for cool, damp climates, Ianto Evans

Cereal crops in backyard gardens, Nancy Geffken

Garden grains, Ross Parlette

Landis Valley Museum’s Heirloom Seed Project, Heather Apple

The William Rennie Seed Company, Lynn Campbell

December 1990

Growing sweet potatoes in Ontario, Rosita Ben-Oliel

Sweet potatoes & other southern vegetables in Ontario, Garrett H. Pittenger

The Garden Research Exchange, Ken Allan

Just for the joy of it: Gourds and zucca melons, Glenn Swenson

The zucca melon returns to Keremeos, Sharon Rempel

William Rennie: Farmer and seedsman, Lynn Campbell

The mixed blessing of refrigeration, Ken Allan

Curing and storing vegetables, Heather Apple

Musings of an urban gardener, Elaine Freedman

Vegetable marrow, Heather Apple

A floral bouquet

August 1990

The delights of country life: Decorating the out-of-doors, Elizabeth Macnaughton & George Bechtel

Heritage apples, Dan Bussey

The gardens at Kings Landing, Kaye Parker

The American chestnut, Philip A. Rutter

Select Seeds: Old-fashioned flowers, Marilyn Barlow

South American heritage: Amaranth and quinoa, Dan Jason

Canadian bred tomatoes, Christene Rafuse

Culture and training of the tomato, Fearing Burr

Plant breeding at Macdonald College, Christene Rafuse

The Grist Mill at Keremeos, Sharon Rempel

April 1990

Taste value, Dan Jason

Growing potatoes in Newfoundland, George Brinson

The potato, Asa Parker

Plant breeding at St. John’s Research Station, Newfoundland, Kenneth G. Proudfoot

Seed saving at Old World Wisconsin, Mary E. Klug

Andrew Waechter’s 1889 Gold Medal farm, Lynn Campbell

Apple varieties and production: An historical overview, Shelly Paulocik

Use of apples by the Pennsylvania Germans in Waterloo County, Catherine Blackbourn

Plant Gene Resources of Canada, Brad Fraleigh

Canada’s clonal repository for horticultural crops, Sherwood Miller

The development of the broom, Teresa Miceli

The Hubbard squash, Heather Apple

Pickled pumpkin

December 1989

Gardening with heritage varieties, Garrett H. Pittenger

Upper Canada Village, Heather Apple

Books for heritage gardeners, Keith Crotz

A food for the future, Dan Jason

Floating Mountain Seeds, Roger Lemstrom

Faunus Herbs, Nicholas Morcinek

Herbal wines, Nicholas Morcinek

Herbal snippets

August 1989

Growing heirloom varieties of garden vegetables, Garrett H. Pittenger

The gardens at Landis Valley Museum, Nancy Long

Traditional four square garden at Joseph Schneider Haus, Mara Hollands

Salt Spring Seeds, Dan Jason

Mostoller wild goose beans, Heather Apple

Jerusalem artichokes, Dorrine Macnab

Buttercup squash, Peter Ruppell

How to save your own seeds from onions and leeks, Heather Apple

April 1989

Museums and their role in saving heritage seeds, Sharon Rempel

The kitchen garden at Montgomery’s Inn: 1982-1988, Elizabeth Strathdee

Sea kale, Pleasance Crawford

Maize (Zea Mays) varieties, Annie Gould

In praise of pumpkins, Heather Apple

How to save seeds from biennial root crops, Heather Apple

December 1988

The gardens at the Grist Mill at Keremeos, Sharon Rempel

The gardens at Black Creek Pioneer Village, Heather Apple

Involving young people in preservation, Heather Apple

How to save your own seeds, Heather Apple

Maintaining heritage potatoes, Alex Caron