Karen Farmer, Chair

Karen Farmer is a keen supporter of urban agriculture and local food production. She has helped start 5 community gardens in Saskatoon, where she lives. She is also a long-time volunteer for USC, and has represented them at Seedy Saturdays for the past six years. Karen joined the SODC board in 2013.

Colleen Zilio, Secretary

Colleen Zilio has worked in for profit and not-for-profit sectors, specializing in start-up and operations. After working in Europe and the United States for nine years, she returned home to Sudbury in 2009. The move back to Sudbury has enabled her to become an active community volunteer. She currently sits on the board of Seeds of Diversity Canada, the City of Greater Sudbury Healthy Community Cabinet, Vale Environmental Monitoring Team and is the Chair of the Ward 1 Community Action Network. Colleen is actively engaged in the community gardening movement in Sudbury, and grows with the Ward 1 Shared Garden at Delki Dozzi Park and is the acting Chairperson of the Sudbury Community Garden Network. She is a graduate of Laurentian University (HBPHE) and Queen's University (M.Sc MBA).

Nick Wees, Director

Nick Wees is dedicated to all forms of small-scale food production. He has been a seed-saving member of Seeds of Diversity and a volunteer at the Victoria Seedy Saturday for several years, and an intensive organic vegetable gardener for many more. He is currently studying cultural and social anthropology at the University of Victoria. He joined the board of directors in 2013.

Kelly Gilliam, Director

Kelly has been a member of our board since 2012, having previously served on the Board of Directors for Nervousness.org, and also runs the Populuxe Seed Bank.  She has also studied archaeology, with a focus on Mesoamerican agriculture and trades routes within North America. Kelly is based in Edmonton, AB.

Steph Warr, Director

Steph has been a member of the board since 2016, and represents the Maritime provinces. 

Matthew Kemshaw, Director

Matthew has been a member of the board since 2017, and represents British Columbia.

Teprine Baldo, Director

Teprine is a seed farmer and agroecologist who loves working with all the elements within a permacultural framework and being outside on her family farm in Frelighsburg Quebec. It was the coming into this world of her two wonderful children that inspired her to move back to the land and take her family's food sovereignty into her own two strong hands. Sharing the love of nature and seeds with her children is a nourishing task that she takes on with joy and patience. Living her passion and being a good role model and entrepreneur, she hopes to encourage her community to take similar actions, to take time to plant seeds, watch them grow, and share them with others.

Cathy Harman, Director

Cathy has been a member of the board since 2017, and represents Southern Ontario.