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List Your Seeds in the Member Seed Directory

Whether you are a long-time seed saver or a beginner, we invite you to list any seeds that you would like to share in our 2019 Member Seed Directory. Members will contact you directly to request your seeds, and they pay your costs with (usually) stamps, Canadian Tire money, or other kinds of payments that you choose.

The deadline for your seed offers is December 20, 2018.

How to List Your Seeds

There are two ways to list your seeds in Seeds of Diversity's Member Seed Directory: on-line or on-paper.

Click here to enter or update your seed offers on our web site. You will need a Seeds of Diversity account, which you can get for free, and every member already has one. If you need help setting that up, or finding your password, just let us know at 

Click here to download a paper form with instructions. Fill it in and mail it to our office (the address is on the form), and we will include your seed offers in the directory.

What if you have listed seeds in the directory before? If you use the online form you will see all your past seed offers, and you'll be able to edit or delete them. If you normally send your seed list on paper, we should have already mailed you a copy to update and mail back -- if not, let us know right away.


Some Changes This Year

Every year we hear comments from members about how we can improve the Member Seed Directory. Here are some of the changes that we've made for you.

Set Your Own Prices

The standard prices for seeds are $3.50 for seeds and $15.00 for large items (e.g. potatoes, bulbs, live plants) that ship by parcel post. Members who offer seeds in the directory get a $1 discount on every item, as a way of thanking them and encouraging participation.

Some members prefer to set their own prices, and they've done so in their variety descriptions. We think that's fine, because ultimately you are sharing your own seeds on your own terms, so we've added a place on the form to set your own prices. We do request that everyone respects the $1 discount for members who list seeds, but please feel free to set whatever prices you think are fair for your seeds.

Offer Seeds Only to Members Who Also Offer Seeds

Sometimes our seed grower members have limited supplies of very rare varieties that they need help multiplying. One of the main purposes of our seed directory is to help those growers find other seed savers who can assist. Although we encourage everyone to offer seeds to all members, you can now choose to offer particular varieties only to members who are also saving seeds and listing them in the directory. Everyone will see these, but only listed members will be able to request them.

Offer Seeds to the General Public (online requests only)

Some members have asked to be able to offer their seeds to the general public, not just to members, as a platform for selling their seeds online. This was, frankly, a little controversial in the past but as more seed-sharing platforms have become active during past years we are moving with the times. By default, your seeds are available only to other members who have to login to our online directory or receive a printed copy of the directory (which is only available to members anyway). But now you can choose to make some of your seeds available to the general public, which means anyone who visits our web site will be able to request them from you. They will have to send you the correct payment of course, and provide their mailing address.

Privacy notice:  if you only offer seeds to other members, then only other members will be able to see your contact information. If you offer seeds to the general public, your contact information will be visible publicly online.


Back to November 2018 Newsletter

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