Looking for seeds?

This is a list of vegetable and fruit seeds that were sold in recent years by Canadian seed companies.

Click on a section in the list below to see the varieties available, and the companies that sold them. Visit these companies, buy their seeds, and enjoy a beautiful, diverse garden this summer!

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The Cottage Gardener
Edible Antiques
Greta's Organic Gardens
Harmonic Herbs
Heritage Harvest Seed
Kitchen Table Seed House
La Finquita Seeds
Mumm's Sprouting Seeds
Prairie Orchard Organics
Terra Edibles
Tourne Sol Co-operative Farm
Twin Meadows Organics
Urban Harvest Organic Seed


Please note: Seeds of Diversity has no store, and no mail order seed sales. We collect back-up seed samples for conservation of endangered varieties, and recruit volunteers to help grow fresh seeds. This list is here to help you find commercial sources, and to help us set our conservation priorities.

Seed Companies in Canada

A'bunadh Seeds
Box 127
Cherhill AB T0E 0J0
Phone: 780-785-2622
Web: gardenofeden2010.wordpress.com
Email: smileyo@xplornet.ca
Established: 2006
A vast array of open-pollinated and heritage seeds.

AgroHaitai Ltd.
PO Box 45
Lynden ON L0R 1T0
Phone: 519-647-2280
Web: www.agrohaitai.com
Email: seed@agrohaitai.com
Established: 2002
A unique source of oriental vegetable seeds.

Aimer's Organics
Web: www.oscseeds.com/Home
Aimer's is a line of seeds sold by OSC Seeds. They have several certified organic vegetable varieties.

Annapolis Seeds
8528 Hwy 201, RR#3,
Middleton NS B0S 1P0
Web: www.annapolisseeds.com
Email: owen@annapolisseeds.com
Established: 2008
We supply hand grown, open-pollinated, non-genetically modified seeds. All of our varieties will come true when saved for seed, which we encourage you to do. We have an emphasis on maintaining heritage varieties but we also sell some great varieties that are more recent introductions. We grow all the seeds ourselves on our small farm at the base of South Mountain in Nictaux, Nova Scotia.

Atlantic Pepper Seeds
311 route 4
Harvey NB E6K 1X1
Phone: 506-366-3767
Web: www.pepperseeds.ca
Email: admin@pepperseeds.ca
Established: 2001
Atlantic Pepper Seeds has been growing Chilli Peppers since 2001. We have developed several exciting new varieties over the years that are well suited for cooler climates, We also have a number of new superhot varieties we have developed as well. We have strived to bring rare and exotic varieties together from around the world to one place. We grow out of our own love of peppers and the excitement of tasting new varieties. All of our pepper plants are grown organically without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers allowing us to offer the best quality seeds possible. We isolate all of our plants in seed production in order to guarantee the best genetics. We grow all the varieties that we sell. So we always have fresh seeds that have high germination rates. We are family owned and operated out of New Brunswick, Canada. It can be hard to grow some varieties from one year to the next but we do our best to provide a wide selection for our customers. We are very proud to say we have grown well over 2,000 varieties and we grow 800 to 1,000 varieties each year. We are very happy to serve our customers and provide the best seeds we can and the best selection we can. Thanks to all our customers for your support over the years, and to all good growing !

Augusts Harvest
4727 Road 130, RR 2
Gadshill ON N0K 1J0
Phone: 877-272-1742
Web: www.augustsharvest.com
Email: warren@augustsharvest.com
Established: 1990
Supplying growers and gourmands with heirloom organic garlic and shallot varieties.

BC Eco-Seed Co-op
Web: www.bcecoseedcoop.com
Email: bcseedcoop@gmail.com
Established: 2014
BC Eco Seed Co-op is your one-stop shop to purchase BC grown seed. Browse and buy from an ever-widening range of quality grown seed from our fields to yours! From packet size to large bulk quantities, the BC Eco Seed Co-op has seeds for all growers. The scope of the co-op is BC-wide. Members of the co-op represent various regions in BC including West Kootenays, Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, Southern Vancouver Island, Cowichan Valley, Fraser Valley, and Fraser Canyon, and all have been working collectively for years through BC Seeds, a project of FarmFolk/CityFolk.

BC's Wild Heritage Plants
Phone: 604-858-5141
Web: www.bcwildheritage.com
Shrubs, ferns, and herbs. Ships across Canada.

Beaver Pond Estates
3656 Bolingbroke Road
Maberly ON K0H 2B0
Phone: 613-273-5683
Email: garlicnews@kingston.net
Established: 1990
Tested and proven garlic planting stock from the Small-Plot Organic Garlic Variety Trials, over 150 proven strains, single bulbs or small quantities only. Cultivar listing by email. Bulbils for developing nematode-free garlic. Growing information, trial reports, lectures given. Grower publication "The Garlic News" by subscription. Paul & Mary Pospisil.

Berton Seeds
4260 Weston Rd.
Weston ON M9L 1W9
Web: www.bertonseeds.ca
Email: info@bertonseeds.ca
Established: 1977
90% of the seed originates in Italy.

Bird and Bee
2530 Autumn Hill Cres.
Ottawa ON K1B 4M7
Web: www.birdandbee.ca
Email: info@birdandbee.ca
Bird & Bee is a small-scale seed company in Ottawa Ontario. It's the project of two new part time farmers - Jordan & Jamie. We want to grow vigorous, healthy open-pollinated varieties that are adapted to our region and taste great. We want seeds that work in many different systems & are useful no matter your scale.Certified organic by Ecocert.

Boundary Garlic
P.O. Box 273
Midway BC V0H 1M0
Phone: 250-449-2152
Web: www.garlicfarm.ca
Email: sonia@garlicfarm.ca
Established: 1999
Heritage varieties of seed garlic organically grown.

Brother Nature Organic Seeds
1159 Wychbury Ave.
Victoria BC V9A 5L1
Phone: 250-661-2255
Web: www.brothernature.ca
Email: brothernature@shaw.ca
Established: 2003
We feel it is our duty to provide, preserve, protect and teach about sustainable seed, soil & food sources while providing growers a complete garden grown from an inexpensive, reliable, environmentally friendly seed source. All seed OP, certified org. Catalogue on line only.

Casey's Heirloom Tomatoes
Web: www.caseysheirloomtomatoes.ca
Email: info@caseysheirloomtomatoes.ca
Established: 2003
Selling organic open-pollinated and heirloom tomato seeds from my backyard garden. Catalogue is available as downloadable PDF from my website. No print catalogue.

Choked Up
Web: www.chokedup.ca
Email: contact@chokedup.ca
We're a tiny Canadian online mom and pop store (literally) based in Salmon Arm, B.C, specializing in Jerusalem Artichokes. Our team is made up of Paul, Dawn and Claire Lefebvre. We're not a faceless seed company, which allows us to focus on high quality Jerusalem Artichokes and exceptional customer service. If you're not happy with anything, well make it right. Guaranteed. Feel free to contact us - we'd love to hear from you!

Cochrane Family Seeds
5324 Hwy 289
Upper Stewiacke NS B0N 2P0
Phone: 902-671-2378
Web: www.cochranefamilyseeds.com
Email: cochranefamilyfarm@bellaliant.com
Established: 2015
formerly Pumpkin Moon Seeds. Over 170 varieties of heirloom, open pollinated varieties of herb, vegetable, and flower seed. Many certified organic, remainder naturally grown. We sell several variety mixes for the home gardener.

Corn Hill Nursery Ltd.
2700 Rte. 890
Corn Hill NB E4Z 1M2
Phone: 506-756-3635
Web: www.cornhillnursery.com
Email: osborne@cornhillnursery.com
A complete range of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. Provider of hardy, acclimatized stock for the colder areas of Canada. Ships across Canada.

D and H Newman
Web: www.dandhnewman.ca
Established: 2016
If you are interested in growing your own food garlic is a perfect addition to your garden. It takes very little space to grow a years supply of garlic for a family. With so many varieties to choose from, there is sure to be a type that fits your palate and growing conditions. Our garlic is grown chemical free. We take great care to assure that it is pest and disease free. If you are looking to grown garlic you should be aware of the major pest and disease concerns and never plant anything that you are concerned about. We can track all our varieties back to the reputable growers that we originally sourced them from. This years garlic varieties were all originally source from Seeds of Diversity Canada, as part of their great Canadian garlic collection.

De Dell Seeds
967 Valetta St
London ON N6H 2Z7
Phone: 519-203-2676
Web: www.dedellseeds.com
One of the few GMO free corn seed companies in Canada.

Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes
Box 70
Bowden AB T0M 0K0
Phone: 1-877-224-3939
Web: www.seedpotatoes.ca
Email: fresh@eaglecreekfarms.ca
Established: 1988

Eagle Ridge Seeds
219 Eagle Ridge Dr.
Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2L1
Phone: 250-537-5677
Web: www.eagleridgeseeds.com
Email: seedkeeper@telus.net
Established: 2011
Rare and endangered vegetables, herbs and flowers are our specialty. We have trialed thousands of varieties to discover the best selections for northern and temperate climates. We practice organic gardening methods, use raised beds, water saving techniques and companion planting. Our designs attract beneficial insects and are living examples of the amazing diversity possible growing heirloom plants. No printed catalogue available, order on line only.

Early's Farm & Garden Centre Inc.
2615 Lorne Ave.
Saskatoon SK S7J 0S5
Phone: 800-667-1159
Web: www.earlysgarden.com
Email: sales@earlysgarden.com
Established: 1907
Early's has been in business since 1907 offering a large variety of seeds and garden accessories. Local phone 306-931-1982. Catalog $2 to U.S, free in Canada.

Edible Antiques
11 Spencer Street
Picton ON K0K 2T0
Web: www.edibleantiques.ca
Email: freedom.50.five@gmail.com
Established: 2005
Sustainably grown garden seeds. Open Pollinated, Untreated, Non-GMO. Heirloom, Heritage and signature varieties. Stunning hand made art packages made with tree free paper. (framable or compostable!) Grown with Love in Prince Edward County. (All seeds come from PEC, I do NOT ship seeds in bulk from other companies or organizations to sell. All seeds are selected by Edible Antiques from their gardens or affiliate gardens.) Catalogue contains 9 page seed saving guide.

Ellenberger Organic Farm
1607 The Ridge Rd
Coe Hill ON K0L 1P0
Phone: 613-337-8824
Web: www.ellenbergerorganicfarm.com
Email: ellenbergerorganicfarm@gmail.com
Organic certified seed potatoes. Ellenberger Organic Farm is the home of Henry and Janet Ellenberger near the quaint Ontario town of Coe Hill on The Ridge Road. They are the only providers of certified organic seed potatoes in all of Ontario and also offer beef, pork, strawberries, corn and other seasonal produce. Emails answered once a week. Call or email for list of current seed potatoes available.

Eternal Seed
C-5 2309 Zilinsky Rd.
Powell River BC V8A 0N8
Phone: 604-487-1304
Web: www.eternalseed.ca
Email: gmofreeseed@gmail.com
Established: 1997
Ellen de Casemaker offers seeds of heirloom herbs, flowers and vegetables of more than fifty years ago. Many organic offerings. Catalogue free. Both official languages served.

Eureka Garlic
RR 6, Kensington
PE C0B 1M0
Phone: 902-836-5180
Email: al@eurekagarlic.ca
Established: 2004

Ferme écomaraîchère La croisée des cultures
229 place du Platin
Sainte-Claire G0R 2V0
Web: www.croiseedescultures.com
Email: ecomaraicherelacroisee@gmail.com
A seed and vegetable farm, sprouted up from a Seed of Diversity member. Seeds were produced in the north of Lanaudière from 2004 to 2017 and now moved to the heart of Bellechasse county, we’re still growing varieties for short seasons, some local heirloom varieties as well as adapted ones from afar. Also very fond of breeding and selection, always to create open-pollinated, ecological seed at our farm. Our projects include a passive solar greenhouse and a biodiversity orchard. A participant to the Open-Source Seed Initiative. -

Florabunda Seeds
PO Box 38
Keene ON K0L 2G0
Phone: 705-295-6440
Web: www.florabundaseeds.com
Email: contact@florabundaseeds.com
Established: 1994
Dirk Berghout offers untreated seeds for heirloom and unusual flowers, medicinal herbs, black, white, and fragrant flower collections. Catalog free and online. Service in both Official languages. Also heirloom vegetable seeds from Belgium.

Fraser's Thimble Farms
175 Arbutus Rd.
Salt Spring Island BC V8K 1A3
Phone: 250-537-5788
Web: www.thimblefarms.com
Email: thimfarm@telus.net
Established: 1977
Pacific Northwest natives ferns hardy orchids erythroniums, corydalis and other rare plants. Main catalog $3 or on-line. Fall bulb list $2

Full Circle Seeds
Box 807
Sooke BC V0S 1N0
Phone: (250) 642-3671
Web: www.Fullcircleseeds.com
Email: info@fullcircleseeds.com
Established: 1993
We are a certified organic seed co-operative that carries many heritage vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Catalogue on line or $1 through the mail.

Golden Acres Farm
2579 Line 47, RR #1
Gadshill ON N0K 1J0
Phone: 519-656-3152
Email: goldenacresfarm@hotmail.com
Established: 1989
We sell 98 strains of certified organic seed garlic. Most of them are rare and endangered here in Canada. We are willing to mail garlic and we can be found at the Stratford Garlic Festival. We also welcome visits to our farm to purchase seed garlic.

Golden Bough Tree Farm
Box 8, 900 Napanee Rd.
Marlbank ON K0K 2L0
Web: www.goldenboughtrees.ca
Email: goldenbough@lks.net
Known for bare root trees and shrubs, fruits, evergreen, nut, native and shade trees. Ships across Canada.

Green Barn Nursery
2103 boul. Perrot
N.D. Ile Perrot QC J7V 8P4
Phone: 514-453-9757
Web: www.greenbarnnursery.ca
Email: info@greenbarnnursery.ca
An OCIA certified organic source for hardy seedlings of standard and unusual fruit and nut trees. The catalog also acts as a planning and planting guide. See also www.windmillpointfarm.ca

Greta's Organic Gardens
399 River Road
Ottawa ON K1V 1C9
Phone: 613-521-8648
Web: www.seeds-organic.com
Email: greta@seeds-organic.com
Established: 1991
Greta's catalog is full of open-pollinated seeds, grown for short season in Eastern Ontario. Canada zone 5a. Free catalogue available in French or English.

Grim's Gourmet Garlic
Web: www.gourmetgarlicfarm.ca
Email: grimaaron@gmail.com
Established: 2012

Halifax Seed Company Inc.
P.O. Box 8026, Stn A, 5860 Kane St.
Halifax NS B3K 5L8
Phone: 902-454-7456
Web: www.halifaxseed.ca
Email: info@halifaxseed.ca
Established: 1867
Canada's oldest seed company does everything offering a wide variety of vegetable, flower and herb seeds, gardening supplies, roses, perennials and bulbs. Catalog free and online.

Hardy Fruit Trees Nursery
2999 Ch. Aquilon
Ste-Julienne QC J0K 2T0
Phone: 450-834-3060
Web: www.hardyfruittrees.ca
Email: ericdelo@hotmail.com
Hardy heritage and new varieties of apple trees, pears, plums, grapes, cherries, small fruits, nuts, forest natives, and ornamentals. Ships across Canada.

Harmonic Herbs
RR #3
Barrhead AB T7N 1N4
Phone: 780-674-0545
Web: www.harmonicherbs.com
Email: harmonicherbs@gmail.com
Established: 2010
Offers Norseed as well. Harmonic Herbs offers organically grown untreated open-pollinated vegetable, grain, herb and flower seeds, including many medicinal and adaptogenic herbs and short-season vegetables. We sustainably grow most of our seeds on our 12 acre family farm in central Alberta near Barrhead. We are commited to teaching others about growing and storing their own food and saving seeds. Catalogue on-line only.

Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds
RR 3, 5961 5th Line Minto
Palmerston ON N0G 2P0
Phone: 519-343-3375
Web: www.hawthornfarm.ca
Email: sales@hawthornfarm.ca
Established: 1996
We live and work at Hawthorn Farm near Palmerston in central Ontario (zone 5) and we've been certified organic since 1996. We grow, select and save most of the seed we sell. Those varieties that will not produce high quality seed in our region are brought in from other organic farmers and growers we know and trust. All our seed is open-pollinated and belongs to the public domain.

Helmer's Organic Farm
Web: www.helmersorganic.com
Established: 1980
Certified biodynamic, Certified organic, and certified virus free potatoes.

Heritage Harvest Seed
Box 279
Carman MB R0G 0J0
Phone: 204-745-6489
Web: www.heritageharvestseed.com
Email: seed@heritageharvestseed.com
Established: 2004
One of the best selections of rare & endangered heirloom seed in North America! Over 700 hard to find heirloom vegetables, flowers and herbs. No Gmo's, no hybrids, no treated seed-just good old fashioned natural seed. Check out our website with online shopping or request a free catalog.

Heritage Seed and Produce
577 Little Crosby Lake Road, RR #1
Westport ON K0G 1X0
Phone: 613-273-2948
Web: www.heritageseedandproduce.com
Email: heritage@kingston.net
Established: 2008
Offering a wide variety of heritage vegetable seeds, many of which are rare and free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides. All seeds have been acclimatized to our growing region (zone 5a). All OP. Seeds can be purchased on-line or by phone. Catalogue available to view and download on-line.

Hope Seeds and Perennials
324 St. George St, Box 460
Annapolis Royal NS B0S 1A0
Phone: 902-286-4673
Web: www.hopeseed.com
Email: hopeseed@eastlink.ca
Established: 1993
A locally owned and operated seed company in New Brunswick, specializing in organic heritage cultivars of vegetables, herbs and flowers for zones 3,4 and 5. All OP. Some of our seeds have Maritime connections - we share the stories in our catalogue and seed packets! We're always looking for endangered cultivars to rescue and growers to help keep the traditions alive. Catalogue for $1, free viewing and download on website.

Howard Dill Enterprises
RR #1 400 College Rd
Windsor NS B0N 2T0
Phone: 902-798-2728
Web: www.howarddill.com
Email: howarddill@yahoo.ca
Established: 1979
Dill's Atlantic Giant might be world-renowned as the seed that, year in and year out, produces the largest pumpkin, but you'll find more.

Incredible Seed Company
RR 1
Pleasantville NS B0R 1G0
Phone: 888-851-6620
Web: www.incredibleseeds.ca
Email: contact@incredibleseeds.ca
Established: 2010
High quality, great tasting varieties of open pollinated vegetable seeds. With an ever growing list of heirloom varieties. All seeds are untreated.

Jardin des Vie-la-joie
168 ch Lieutenant
Stoke QC J0B 3G0
Phone: 438-888-3032
Web: www.vielajoie.com
Email: info@vielajoie.com
Established: 2017
Semences artisanales cultivées en harmonie avec la nature, sans pesticides et en pollinisation libre.

Jardins de la Gaillarde
2820 rue Nadeau
Sherbrooke QC J1G 3S1
Phone: 819-943-8420
Web: www.jardinsdelagaillarde.ca/fr/accueil
Email: jardinsdelagaillarde@gmail.com
Established: 2017
La ferme Jardins de la gaillarde a été fondée par trois passionnées d’agriculture urbaine. Fières de nos compétences en agriculture, génie et design, nous souhaitons voir fleurir des potagers uniques remplis de couleurs et de saveurs. Nous sélectionnons avec beaucoup d’amour les variétés de légumes offertes et produisons nos semences sur notre ferme urbaine de 3 acres située à Sherbrooke. Notre vision, Semer pour Nourrir : se nourrir, nourrir la terre, les pollinisateurs et la nature. Il y a tant de variétés de légumes et fleurs comestibles à découvrir, semons ensembles pour égayer nos tables de produits de chez nous!

John Boy Farms
Phone: 204-882-2751
Web: www.garlicseed.ca
Email: johnboyfarms@gmail.com
Established: 2006
John Boy Farms is a family farm located in the fertile Red River Valley of southern Manitoba, Canada. The farm grows premium garlic seed and food garlic that they sell through their online garlic store and ship across Canada. They also sell garlic seasonally at the St. Norbert Farmers Market in Winnipeg and directly from the farm during the fall. Over the past few years they have had increased demand for their Canadian grown garlic and have been adding new varieties every season. More and more Canadians are discovering how amazing locally grown garlic is!

Kitchen Table Seed House
602 Hwy 95
Wolfe Island ON K0H 2Y0
Web: www.kitchentableseedhouse.ca
Email: info@kitchentableseedhouse.ca
Established: 2016
Formerly Mouse Seeds, located at Windkeeper Farm, Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada is a new, independent, small-scale, seed farm specializing in organic, open-pollinated, and locally-adapted varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seed.

Kula Permaculture Farm
81 Stafford Second Line
Cobden ON K0J 1K0
Phone: 613 646-7428
Email: info@kulafarm.ca
Certified organic garlic varieties that prosper in our Northern climate. We use exclusively organic growing practices and are Certified Organic by EcoCert.

La ferme coopérative Tourne-Sol
1025 St-Dominique
Les Cèdres QC J7T 1P5
Phone: 450-452-4271
Web: www.fermetournesol.qc.ca
Established: 2005
Seeds for salad greens, heirloom tomatoes, flowers and more. All certified org. and OP. Catalogue on line.

La Finquita
Web: www.lafinquita.ca/selection-organic-seeds
Email: lafinquitans@gmail.com
La Finquita (the little farm) is located along the Wallace Bay on the North Shore of Nova Scotia. La Finquita has over 100 acres of land of which the majority is forests and pasture. In the last 15 years, an orchard, grapevine and vegetable gardens have been established using biodynamic agriculture practices. The farm also has a passive solar greenhouse with the capacity to produce greens all winter long. La Finquita specializes in seeds of wild plants, “weeds”, medicinal plants and edible herbs. Our seed can be purchased online, as well as at Seedy Saturday events.

La Societe des plantes
207 rang de l'Embarras
Kamouraska QC G0L 1M0
Phone: 418-492-2493
Web: www.lasocietedesplantes.com
Email: lasocietedesplantes@videotron.ca
Established: 2001
Download from website for free-French only.

Langside Farms
RR 2
Teeswater ON N0G 2S0
Phone: 519-357-1919
Email: sbdeboer@hurontel.on.ca
Organically Grown Hardneck garlic and Elephant garlic for sale Also heartnuts and black walnut selections

Laughing Swan Farm
Phone: 250-572-4596
Web: www.laughingswanfarm.com
Email: laughingswan@telus.net
Established: 2017
Situated on the beautiful South Thompson River, we grow and supply a range of, tomatoes, garlic and herbs, that are ideal for our climatic conditions in the central interior. In the last years we have gradually moved away from ornamental grasses, perennials to more edible plants, such as tomatoes and garlic. We still stock some landscaping plants but our clientele has changed over the years, and we reflect that in our years line up. See our ad on the Kijiji website or come and visit our booth at the Saturday Kamloops Farmers market during the summer.

Le Jardin de Julie
Web: www.jardindejulie.com
Email: info@jardindejulie.com
Established: 2013
Légumes, fines herbes et fleurs sélectionnés pour leur rusticité (3a) où la période de croissance est courte et fraîche (le Bic). Variété potagères anciennes, du patrimoine et orientales. Pollinisation libre, sans engrais chimique ni pesticides.

Le potager ornemental de Catherine
678 rang bois Franc
St-Appollinaire QC G0S 2E0
Web: www.potagerornemental.com/
Email: lepocpoc@gmail.com
Established: 2013
Les semences offertes sont issues de cultivars à pollinisation libre (non hybride) cultivés à St-Apollinaire, sans pesticide ni engrais de synthèse.

Les Jardins de l'Écoumène
2855 ch. de l'Écoumène
Saint-Damien QC J0K 2E0
Phone: 450-835-1149
Web: www.ecoumene.com
Email: info@ecoumene.com
Established: 2001
Depuis plusieurs années ils adhèrent aux pratiques de l'agriculture biologique. Il sélectionne un choix considérable de semences de légumes à pollinisation libre, de plantes aromatiques et d’ail. La génétique est adaptée pour les jardins nordiques et les cultivars sont issus de variétés anciennes ou rares de la plus haute qualité. Boutique Web pour la vente par correspondance. Les jardins sont certifiés par Québec Vrai.

Les Jardins du Grand-Portage
800, chemin du Portage
Saint-Didace QC J0K 2G0
Phone: 450 835-5813
Web: www.semencesduportage.com
Email: info@jardinsdugrandportage.com

Les semences du batteux
Web: lessemencesdubatteux.ca
Email: lessemencesdubatteux@gmail.com
Established: 2012
Cette entreprise se spécialise en production de semences de légumes, fleurs et herbes de première qualité. Les jardins sont situés à Beaumont dans la région de Bellechasse et sont entretenus de manière écologique, sans pesticides, sans engrais de synthèse, avec un minimum d'utilisation d'énergies fossiles. Certaines variétés sont anciennes (du patrimoine), d'autres modernes (développées depuis l'ère industrielle), toutes les graines sont ouvertement pollinisées (O.P.).

Lindenberg Seeds Ltd.
803 Princess Ave.
Brandon MB R7A 0P5
Phone: 204-727-0575
Web: www.lindenbergseeds.ca
Email: customer-service@lindenbergseeds.ca
Established: 1937
Specializing in seeds for northern climates. Catalog free to Canadians.

Manhattan Farms
5874 Hwy #6
Vernon BC V1B 3E1
Phone: 250-545-2811
Web: www.manhattanfarms.ca
Email: info@manhattanfarms.ca
Established: 1987
Manhattan Farms started in Vancouver with the idea that you can plant seeds and grow things wherever you are, be it city high-rise or country acreage. Herbs, organic vegetable seeds, wild flowers, and fascinating seed collections.

Mapple Farm
129 Beech Hill Rd.
Weldon NB E4H 4N5
Phone: 506-734-3361
Web: www.mapplefarm.com
Email: greg@mapplefarm.com
Established: 1989
A grower/supplier of adventurous seed and plant stock. Specialties include: Short-Season Sweetpotatoes, Distinctive Tomatoes, Jerusalem and Chinese Artichokes, Horseradish, Garden Soybeans and more. Catalogue SASE or by email. Catalogue free within Canada; $2 (U.S.) from outside Canada.

Matchbox Garden and Seed Co.
1350 Haldiman Hwy 54
Caledonia ON N3W 1V9
Phone: 226-920-4974
Web: www.matchboxgarden.ca
Email: hanna@matchboxgarden.ca
Established: 2006
Heirloom and rare, open pollinated seeds for home and market gardeners. Over 90 varieties of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers to choose from. Our selection is based on flavour and strong growth characteristics. Your recipe can only be as a good as your raw ingredients. All seed is sustainably grown.

McKenzie Seed Co. Ltd
1000 Parker Blvd.
Brandon MB R7A 6E1
Phone: 800-665-6340
Web: www.mckenzieseeds.com
Email: customerservice@mckenzieseeds.com
Established: 1900
Owners of McFayden Seeds. Sells in stores only, no mail order.

Metchosin Farm Seeds
542 Wooton Rd
Metchosin BC V9C 3Z4
Web: www.metchosinfarm.ca
Email: info@metchosinfarm.ca

Mount Royal Seeds
Web: www.mountroyalseeds.com
Email: mountroyalseeds@gmail.com
A selection of quality tree and shrub seeds for the tree hobbyist, nurseryman and bonsai enthusiast as well as selective woodland plant and flowers seeds for the avid gardener.

Mountain Grove Seed Company
RR #1
Parham ON K0H 2K0
Phone: 613-876-8383
Web: www.mountaingroveseedcompany.com
Established: 2010
Mountain Grove Seed Company provides a local source of quality seeds. Seed production at Mountain Grove Seed Company incorporates organic principles and is chemical free. Seeds are collected from the Mountain Grove area (Parham, ON) that have grown well for generations. These are called Local Historic Seeds. We also specialize in a variety of heirloom seeds. Our seeds are harvested and packaged by hand. Seeds are available by mail order and at selected retail outlets.

Mumm's Sprouting Seeds
PO Box 80
Parkside SK S0J 2A0
Phone: 306-747-2935
Web: www.sprouting.com
Email: mumms@sprouting.com
Established: 1983
A grower of sprouting seeds for the home grower and commercial markets.

7850 Chemin Stage
Stanstead QC J0B 3E0
Phone: 819-876-1077
Web: www.mycoflor.ca
Email: mycoflor@sympatico.ca
Established: 1997
Nous vous offrons des semences non traitées de variétés anciennes (la date indiquée suivant le nom du cultivar indique l’année d’introduction sur le marché) et non hybrides de légumes, de fines herbes, de plantes médicinales et de fleurs, bien entendu sans O.G.M. (organismes génétiquement modifiés).

Naramata Seed Company
RR1 S16 C17
Naramata BC V0H 1N0
Web: www.naramataseedco.ca
Email: naramataseedco@gmail.com
Established: 2013
Open pollinated heritage vegetable seeds grown in Okanagan Valley. 100+varieties of heirloom tomatoes and more.

Nicola Valley Produce
268E Highway 8
Merritt BC ViK 1N3
Phone: 250-378-5025
Email: nicholas@growinggarlic.ca
We are specializing in Heritage varieties of seed garlic. We are organically grown with PACS certification finalized this August just prior to Fall shipping of Garlic Seed.

Norton Naturals
Web: www.nortonnaturals.com
Email: nortonnaturals@hotmail.ca
Established: 2013
Norton Naturals sells an assortment of plants that can be used as perennial vegetables. Most are or have been extensively used in many cultures, but are now either uncommon in the plant trade or rarely used for food. We focus on the most nutritious plants available: tubers (or their equivalents: corms, bulbs, and rhizomes). For each plant we provide a complete description, planting and ordering instructions, and availability (most of these plants need to be planted at very specific times of the year, and often in the Fall: plan ahead!). Products: Arrowhead - Sagittaria latifolia Camas Groundnut - Apios americana Hog peanut - Amphicarpa bracteata Jerusalem artichoke, common Jerusalem artichoke, white fuseau Ramps/Wild leek - Allium tricoccum Spring beauty - Claytonia virginica Chinese artichoke/Crosne Tiger lily - Lilium lancifolium

Norwegian Creek Farm
Box 45
Midway BC V0H 1M0
Phone: 250-449-2480
Web: www.norwegiancreekfarm.ca
Email: len@norwegiancreekfarm.ca
Established: 2014
Welcome to Norwegian Creek Farm. 2014 is our first year of growing garlic on farm land that has been in the family for over a hundred years. We are adjacent to Boundary Garlic, which is also on part of the family farm.Our 60 varieties are certified organic.

Phone: 226-678-5368
Web: www.opulent.ca
Email: growth@opulent.ca
We are located in Ontario Canada and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional untreated vegetable and flower seeds to passionate gardeners. Seeds, plants and fungul spawn. All open pollinated.

OSC Seeds (Ontario Seed Company)
Box 7 330 Phillip St.
Waterloo ON N2J 3Z6
Phone: 519-886-0557
Web: www.oscseeds.com
Email: seeds@oscseeds.com
Established: 1891
For over 100 years the Ontario Seed Company has been serving the Canadian gardener with the finest quality flower vegetable and herb seeds.

Pacific Northwest Seeds
6266 Pleasant Valley Road
Vernon BC V1B 3R3
Phone: (250) 558-0081
Web: www.pnwseeds.ca
Email: pnwseeds@shawbiz.ca
Pacific Northwest Seeds is a wholesale supplier of Garden Seed Packet Displays available to retailers in Alberta and British Columbia. Pacific Northwest Seeds is a proudly Canadian company. Our seed is of the highest quality and vitality with an excellent selection of vegetables, herbs and flowers. PNW Seeds does not sell directly to the public or through this website, but our packets can be found in many fine retail stores. Names of local retailers selling Pacific Northwest Seeds can be forwarded to you upon request.

Pepiniere ancestrale
3049 rang 3 Ouest
St-Julien QC G0N 1B0
Phone: 418-423-3070
Web: www.pepiniereancestrale.com
Email: info@pepiniereancestrale.com
La mission de la Pépinière Ancestrale est de sauvegarder d’anciennes variétés d’arbres fruitiers et des arbustes à petits fruits de l’époque de nos ancêtres. Ces variétés ont été découvertes sur des fermes longeant les chemins Craig et Gosford construits dans les Appalaches entre les années 1810 et 1843. Des Irlandais, Écossais et Français vinrent s’y établir au 19ème siècle. La pépinière se spécialise dans la greffe d'arbres et arbustes fruitiers rustiques pour les régions nordiques avec des particularités comme la résistance aux maladies. La production est faite de façon biologique

Perfectly Perennial Herbs and Seeds
Web: www.perfectlyperennial.ca
Email: info@perfectlyperennial.ca
Established: 2013
We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and gather our seeds from perennial and self-seeding annuals, herbs and flowers.

Planting Seeds Project
Web: www.plantingseedsproject.ca
Established: 1991
Open-pollinated Certified Organic Seeds

Potager d'Antan
89, rang Amyot ouest
Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu QC J0H 1K0
Phone: 450-787-9927
Web: www.potagersdantan.wordpress.com
Email: potagersdantan@hotmail.com
Established: 2010
Tomates, haricots, ail, melons, oignons, topinambour, crosnes et souchet, etc. Commande en ligne. Potager d’Antan est aussi un blogue de jardinage sur l’histoire des variétés du patrimoine.

Prairie Garden Seeds
Box 2758
Humboldt SK S0K 2A0
Phone: 306-682-1475
Web: www.prseeds.ca
Email: prairie.seeds@sasktel.net
Established: 1987
Organically grown open-pollinated seed for short season, dryland growing. Many heirloom varieties with historical backgrounds supplied. On-line catalog or Canadians only obtain printed catalog for $2 Canadian postage stamps.

Railway Creek Farms
2601 Cooper Rd
Madoc ON K0K 2K0
Phone: 613-813-3918
Web: www.railwaycreekfarms.com
Email: railwaycreek@gmail.com
Naturally grown garlic.

Rainbow Seeds
5763 King Street RR114
Riverside-Albert NB E4H 4A7
Phone: (506) 882-0913
Web: www.rainbowseeds.ca
Email: rainbowseed@yahoo.com
Established: 2015
Non-gmo / heirloom & organic seeds. All our seeds are also non patented and have no licensing agreements.

Rasa Creek Farm
1871 Trinity Valley Rd
Lumby BC V0E 2G4
Phone: 250-547-2077
Web: www.rasacreekfarm.com
Email: info@rasacreekfarm.com
Rasa (Rah'-sa) Creek Farm: suppliers of organic seed garlic, organic culinary garlic and bulbils, for sale to gardeners and farmers throughout Canada. We're also a training center for Permaculture Design here in the Okanagan Valley of BC.

Ravensong Seeds
PO Box 169
Saanichton BC V8M 2C3
Phone: 250-652-2655
Web: www.ravensongseeds.com
Email: orders@ravensongseeds.com
Established: 2011
Open-pollinated traditional Medicinal and Culinary herbs seeds organically-grown on Vancouver Island. Seed garlic too. Herb plant starts can be bought direct from the farm. Free catalogue and online.

Red Lion Farm
Box 473, 8997 North Highway 6
Salmo BC V0G 1Z0
Phone: 250-509-2300
Web: www.redlionorganic.com
Email: sales@redlionorganic.com
Established: 2014
Red Lion Farm, specializing in certified organic seed garlic, has been in the Berukoff family for four generations and has recently been restored to preserve its rich cultural heritage. Our goal is to provide high quality, healthy soil and food for our communities and to tell a story in honor of the people whom once resided. All farm inputs have been carefully chosen to adhere to the organic certification guidelines.

Rhora's Nut Farm & Nursery
RR 1, 32983 Wills Rd.
Wainfleet ON L0S 1V0
Phone: 905-899-3508
Web: www.nuttrees.com
Email: rhoras@nuttrees.com
Cold-hardy rare and unusual fruit and nut trees. Trees to zone 1. Ships across Canada.

Richters Herbs
357 Hwy 47
Goodwood ON L0C 1A0
Phone: 905-640-6677
Web: www.richters.com
Email: orderdesk@richters.com
Established: 1969
An enormous selection of unique seeds and plants. On-line catalog gives descriptions and uses for plants.

Sage Garden Herbs
3410 St. Mary's Rd.
Winnipeg MB R2N 4E2
Phone: 204-257-2715
Web: www.sagegarden.ca
Established: 1996
Look for an excellent selection of organic herbs, veggies and flowers.

Salt Spring Seeds
Box 444 Ganges P.O.
Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2W1
Phone: 250-537-5269
Web: www.saltspringseeds.com
Email: dan@saltspringseeds.com
Established: 1988
Dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Organically grown open-pollinated seeds. Specializes in beans. A large and interesting variety of vegetables grains and garlic. Catalog $2 or on-line.

Samour Garlic
Phone: 418-423-4862
Web: www.samourail.com
Email: info@swamourail.com
Petite entreprise spécialisée dans la culture écologique de l’ail située à St-Julien. Préservation des variétés d’ail traditionnelles. Plusieurs cultivars rares ou menacés, disponibles sous forme de bulbes et de bulbilles.

Phone: 306-736-8373
Web: www.saskgarlic.ca
Email: kcpuffalt@gmail.com
Established: 2011
Garlic grown in southeastern Saskatchewan near the town of Kipling. Chemical free, hand weeded and harvested porcelain hard-neck garlic called "Music". In 2011 our family harvested a half-acre of garlic bulbs and bulbil capsules that can be shipped across Canada.

Seeds for Food
222 route 112 Ouest
Bishopton QC J0B 1J0
Phone: (819) 832-4969
Web: www.seedsforfood.net
We are a small and independent homestead-based enterprise, located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Our purpose and vision is to preserve and promote the use of open-pollinated, non-hybrid, GMO free, public domain seeds – many of them rare and endangered heirloom varieties. We grow all the seeds we offer here in our gardens, and integrate seed production and seed saving into the larger context of our diversified homestead, which includes rare breeds of livestock.

Seeds of Diversity Canada
12 Dupont St W Unit 1
Waterloo ON N2L 2X6
Phone: 226-600-7782
Web: www.seeds.ca
Email: mail@seeds.ca
Established: 1984
A grassroots seed exchange whose members offer seeds and bulbs of heirloom and scarce varieties of vegetables fruits grains herbs and flowers. Memberships: [[www.seeds.ca/store]]

Seeds of IMBOLC
495 Anderson St S
Fergus ON N1M 1Z8
Web: www.seedsofIMBOLC.ca
Email: kat@seedsofIMBOLC.ca
Seeds of IMBOLC offers only organically grown, non-GMO, non hybrid varieties that are grown right here in Wellington County, Ontario. I am dedicated to offering you locally grown Canadian seeds and plants, open pollinated and/or time-tested fabulous outstanding heirlooms, especially chosen for home gardeners, based on great flavour and exceptional garden performance. Inside each unique package you’ll find superior quality seed – top germinating, reliable seed, from healthy vigorous plants grown in healthy soil, along with named plant stakes. Our seed is always tested for top germination rates. We are new – watch for more varieties being added as we go!

Silver Creek Nursery
2343 Gerber Rd
Wellesley ON N0B 2T0
Phone: 519-804-6060
Web: www.silvercreeknursery.ca
Email: ken@silvercreeknursery.ca
Products include: Heritage, disease-resistant, and cold-hardy varieties of apple, pear, quince, apricot, peach, cherry, plum, asian pear, and some small fruit. Also insect trapping supplies and tree planting supplies.

Soggy Creek Seed Co.
113 Chapman's Landing Rd
Nipissing Village ON P0H 1W0
Phone: (705) 724-1144
Web: www.seeds.soggycreek.com
Email: seeds@soggycreek.com
Established: 2005
An unusual collection of hardy, open-pollinated heirlooms. All of our seed is grown with love, using organic methods. Plants used to use brightly coloured fruits, birds, burrs or the wind to aid with their seep dispersal; now they have Soggy Creek Seed Co. Check out our catalogue online.

Solana Seeds
17 place Leger
Repentigny QC J6A 5N7
Web: solanaseeds.netfirms.com/welcome.html
Email: solana@aei.ca
Solana Seeds is a small seed company from Quebec, Canada, offering a variety of vegetable, flower and exotic plant seeds. We have many heirlooms, unusual and rare items available, including more than 200 tomato varieties, and many peppers. Wonderful pictures accompany the descriptions. No printed catalogue offered.

Stokes Seeds Ltd
296 Collier Road, Box 10
Thorold ON L2V 5E9
Phone: 800-396-9238
Web: www.stokeseeds.com
Email: stokes@stokeseeds.com
Established: 1882
Catalog has enormous information for the starting and growing of flowers, herbs and vegetables. Offers untreated seeds in many varieties. Local 905-688-4300.

Sunshine Farm
2225 Saucier Rd
Kelowna BC V1W 4B8
Phone: 250-448-1826
Web: www.sunshinefarm.net
Email: sunshinefarm@shaw.ca
Established: 2008
We sell certified organic seeds and specialize in rare, heirloom and unusual varieties of tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and some flowers. Catalogue has 24 pages, illustrations, descriptions and related plant information.

T & T Seeds Ltd.
Box 1710
Winnipeg MB R3C 3P6
Phone: 204-895-9964
Web: www.ttseeds.com
Email: garden@ttseeds.com
Established: 1946
Wide variety of seeds and plants offered of excellent quality. Also offers herbal and health products.

Tatiana's Tomato Base
Web: www.tatianastomatobase.com/seed-catalog/html/
Email: tatianak.garden@gmail.com
Our primary goal is to collect and share characteristics and historical information for heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable varieties, with focus on tomatoes. The data has been provided by TOMATObase members - please visit our Community Portal if you are interested in participating. Our secondary goal is to preserve heritage vegetable varieties and make them available to home gardeners. If you are interested in ordering vegetable seeds from Tatiana's TOMATObase, please check out our 2010 Seed Catalogs.

Terra Edibles
Box 164, 535 Ashley St
Foxboro ON K0K 2B0
Phone: 613-961-0654
Web: www.terraedibles.ca
Email: karyn@terraedibles.ca
Established: 1993
Organically grown vegetable and flower seeds including uncommon, rare and heirloom varieties many with unique qualities such as superior flavour, higher nutritive value, low space requirements, or bee plant. All OP. Catalog is online and can be downloaded.

Terre Promise
1039 rue Legendre Est
Montréal QC H2M 2N2
Phone: 514-382-6042
Web: www.terrepromise.ca
Email: lyne@terrepromise.ca
Established: 2015
Nous produisons des semences de plantes potagères de variétés anciennes ou rares – et nous procédons à la sélection de variétés ayant des caractéristiques propices à l’adaptation aux changements climatiques à venir. Elles sont toutes à pollinisation libre, non génétiquement modifiée et aucune n’est sous brevet. Elles sont produites de façon écologique, sans pesticides ou engrais chimique. Nous croyons que la nature sait mieux que personne comment suffire à ses besoins.

The Artsy Tomato
7463 County Rd 56, RR 1
Utopia ON L0M 1T0
Phone: 705-424-1934
Web: www.theartsytomato.ca
Email: carrie@theartsytomato.ca
On line order form.

The Cutting Veg
21 Kenwood Av
Toronto ON M6C 2R8
Phone: 647-388-7444
Web: www.thecuttingveg.com
Email: daniel@thecuttingveg.com
Established: 2008
Organic Seed Garlic available, including Persian, Tibetan, Ukrainian, Korean, Italian, Former Yugoslavian, Sicilian, and more. Contact daniel@thecuttingveg.com for an order form.

The Market Garden
810 Catherine St
Victoria BC V9A 3V1
Phone: 250-384-7023
Web: www.themarketgarden.ca
Email: seeds@themarketgarden.ca
Over 200 varieties of certified organic seeds.

The Seed Company by E.W. Gaze
9 Buchanan St
St. John's NF A1C 5K8
Phone: 709-722-4590
Web: www.theseedcompany.ca
Email: orders@theseedcompany.ca
Established: 1925
Gaze Seed Co. was founded in 1925 by Ernest Walter Gaze and was the first store of its kind in Newfoundland. Specializing in high-quality vegetable and flower seeds, Gaze quickly became the go-to spot on the island for gardeners and farmers alike. Fast forward to today, and the store is now being run by E.W.'s great-grandson, Peter Byrne. He is also bringing the company "back to its roots" with a renewed commitment to quality and a promise to always have something new and exciting in store.

Tree Time
3464 - 78 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T6B 2X9
Phone: 1-844-873-3700
Web: www.treetime.ca
Email: sales@treetime.ca
We are Canada's largest online provider of woody plants, especially for evergreens, deciduous, as well as native plants and shrubs. We supply millions of seedlings across Canada and into the USA. Currently we are a registered provider of seed for the Alberta Native Plant Council and the Native Plants Society of Saskatchewan.

Urban Harvest
PO Box 176 Station C
Toronto ON M6J 3M9
Phone: 416-504-1653
Web: www.uharvest.ca
Email: grow@uharvest.ca
Established: 1997
Urban Harvest is dedicated to providing its customers with seedlings and garden supplies that promote ecological diversity and preserve the health of our planet. Our plant seeds and garden supplies are specially chosen for their unique qualities by seasoned urban gardeners. All of our seedlings are grown in or near the greater Toronto area to support our local economy.All cert. org. and OP.

Urban Tomato
Web: www.urbantomato.ca
Email: jillian@urbantomato.ca
Established: 2006
A carefully curated collection of heirloom seeds & the knowledge you need to get growing your own! All seeds are homegrown and hand packed by owner.

Vesey's Seeds Ltd.
Box 9000
Charlottetown PE C1A 8K6
Phone: 800-363-7333
Web: www.veseys.com
Email: customerservice@veseys.com
Established: 1940
A large selection of seeds plants and gardening supplies. Spring & Fall bulb catalogs for Canadian customers only.

2914 Curé-Labelle Blvd
Laval QC H7P 5R9
Phone: 800-723-9071
Web: www.dominion-seed-house.com
Email: mail@whperron.com
Mail order catalog of seeds, plants, and bulbs for gardeners. Catalog free and on-line. Dominion Seed House was sold to WH Perron.

West Coast Seeds Ltd.
5300 34B avenue
Delta BC V4L 2P1
Phone: 604-952-8820
Web: www.westcoastseeds.com
Email: orderdesk@westcoastseeds.com
Established: 1986
Many excellent organic and OP varieties especially chosen for coastal B.C. On-line catalog also includes growing information and planning for year round harvesting.Many varieties of greens.

Wildrose Heritage Seed
Box 355 Station Main
Lethbridge AB T1J 3Y7
Phone: 403-380-0098
Web: www.wildroseheritageseed.com
Email: admin@wildroseheritageseed.com
Established: 2012
We are a family based operation offering only heirloom vegetable seed varieties located in Alberta. We have over 1000 seed types that we are currently testing for viability for the future years.

William Dam Seeds
279 Hwy 8, RR 1
Dundas ON L9H 5E1
Phone: 905-628-6641
Web: www.damseeds.com
Email: info@damseeds.com
Established: 1950
Untreated seeds; more than 900 varieties of vegetables flowers and herbs. Many European and heirloom but not marked as such.