Diversity of plants and animals is very important. It makes living things adaptable. It allows wild and domesticated species to withstand threats like diseases, climate changes, pests, and other unpredictable conditions. With enough variation in a group, there will always be come individuals that can survive under any changing situation. Food crop biodiversity is our single most crucial tool to adapt our food systems to changes.

Seeds of Diversity supports the protection of seed and food biodiversity in a number of ways:


Canadian Seed Library

We maintain a collection of over 2900 regionally-adapted and rare varieties, backing up the work of our member seed savers and Canadian heritage seed companies. Although we don't actively distribute these seeds to the general public yet, we keep them viable and available for future gardeners and farmers.  We need the help of volunteers and donors to:

  • adopt a seed into the library, protecting it in perpetuity
  • grow out seed and return freshly-saved seed to us
  • donate varieties from your seed collection


Supporting Seed Saving and Local Distribution

  • Seed Saving Resources - instructional handouts and how-to resources for experienced or aspiring seed savers
  • Community Seed Libraries - a host of community-based seed library initiatives across the country
  • Seedy Saturdays - hundreds of community-organized annual events hosting seed exchanges, workshops and vendors


Tools to Find Canadian Seed

  • Canadian Seed Catalogue Index - list of seed companies in Canada, as well as the vegetable and fruit seed they've sold in recent years
  • Ecological Seed Finder - a searchable database of ecological vegetable and grain seed sold in Canada
  • Member Seed Directory - our own listing of over 3000 varieties saved by our members and available for member-to-member exchange

We need gardeners to save seeds! Join Seeds of Diversity to participate in our annual seed exchange, or adopt a variety in our seed library.